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Visa/Mastercard, fee increase… Can cryptocurrency be an alternative?

Credit card payment companies earn profits by charging a fee to retail stores when a transaction occurs. Can cryptocurrency be an alternative,...

Mastercard Adding Bitcoin, Getting Paid In Bitcoin, Buying Virtual Land & Grayscale Keeps Buying

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$50B wiped from Tesla after BTC buy — but MasterCard and Twitter surge

Electric car manufacturer Tesla has seen more than $55 billion wiped from its market cap since announcing the purchase of $1.5 billion in Bitcoin...

MasterCard announces support for crypto on its network

MasterCard has announced plans to support cryptocurrencies in 2021, paving the way for its nearly one billion users to spend digital assets at more...

Huobi adds Visa and Mastercard support for cryptocurrency transactions

Huobi global expanded support for Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards which will allow its users to make transactions on the platform itself...