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National Blockchain Vulnerability Database “Blockchain Vulnerability Classification Rules” released

In order to further establish a unified and objective vulnerability rating system for the blockchain industry, establish a sound blockchain security infrastructure, and...

China’s national blockchain project to support DAML smart contract language

The Blockchain Services Network (BSN), the largest blockchain infrastructure initiative in China, now has a unified smart contract programming language. Red Date Technology, a major...

Qatar’s National Solarized Fintech Strategy Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

The nation of Qatar is a World Bank “high-income economy,” backed by the world's third-largest natural gas and oil reserves. It has the third-highest...

Grayscale Investments Enjoys Its Best Week Ever After National Ad Blitz

Grayscale Investments had its best fundraising week in history following an ad blitz on a number of major television networks. According to the company’s...

Former Director of the National Broadband Task Force Criticizes Anti-Encryption Bills

Under president Obama, Anurag Lal served as the director of the National Broadband Task Force. Currently he is the CEO of NetSfere, a company...