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Trader: Bitcoin in a Precarious Position Following OKEx-Induced Selloff

Bitcoin’s price action has been incredibly lackluster throughout the past few days and weeks Bulls and bears have both reached an impasse, which comes despite...

The annual black swan in the currency circle? OKEx Suspends Withdrawal Suddenly

Author: Lou Yue As one of the three domestically recognized exchanges, OKEx announced in an announcement issued at around 11:54 on October 16th, Beijing...

OKEx FUD Benefits Rival UniSwap as UNI Jumps 10%

UniSwap’s governance token UNI was among the biggest gainers on Friday as the rest of the cryptocurrency market succumbed to a bearish fundamental. The crypto...

Cryptocurrency exchange OKEx suspends withdrawals on its platform

Leading crypto-exchange OKex has suspended all digital assets and cryptocurrency withdrawals indefinitely until further notice. The issue in question is that one of the...

Why Bitcoin price abruptly dropped 3% in 30 minutes on OKEx freeze

OKEx, one of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchanges, announced a temporary suspension of withdrawals on Oct. 16. Upon the news, the price of Bitcoin...