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The third-party behavior of the DeFi game: how to design the trigger operator?

The non-linear structure of the trigger operator can be combined with large-scale contracts to form a certain self-reinforced non-cooperative game, and has significant...

Fidelity invests in Hong Kong cryptocurrency operator BC Technology Group

Fidelity Investments, one of the world's largest asset management companies, has invested more money in a Hong Kong cryptocurrency operator, providing another bullish indicator...

US DoJ extradites alleged AirBit Club Ponzi operator from Panama

United States Department of Justice (DoJ) and the Southern District of New York (SDNY) extradited a member of an alleged AirBit Club ponzi scheme...

Alleged crypto-Ponzi operator arrested after failed sea-scooter escape

Matthew Piercey, the accused operator of two fraudulent firms that solicited tens of millions to ostensibly invest in cryptocurrency mining, life insurance and other...

BitMEX exchange operator shuffles leadership in wake of criminal charges

The operator of crypto derivatives exchange BitMEX has announced a sweep of its top leadership, after United States authorities charged its founders with failing to prevent money...