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Ethereum surges past 3000$ to register yet another all-time high

Ethereum, the world’s largest altcoin, was valued at just under $750 when the year began. With Bitcoin breaching its 2017 high in December, many...

Ethereum price sees slight correction after rapidly surging past $2,700

Over the course of last week, Ethereum price has seen a severe drop from its previous ATH. After several days of minor fluctuations, the...

Ethereum: $2100 falls as altcoin shoots past yet another ATH

While Ethereum’s price action did see a lot of sideways movement from the second week of March 2021, the closing days of the month...

Tyler Winklevoss thinks Bitcoin is past the risk of a US ban

The United States government has increasingly stepped up its overwatch on crypto in recent years, although an outright ban on Bitcoin is now unlikely...

Bitcoin mining stocks have outperformed BTC by 455% over the past 12 months

Despite the top publicly-listed Bitcoin mining firms operating at losses, their share prices have dramatically outperformed BTC over the past 12 months. Appearing on CNBC,...