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The path to Layer-2 interoperability

Four sentence summary Layer-2 interoperability means that users can move funds between Layer-2 systems, and the friction on Layer-1 is as small as possible....

A concise understanding of the development path and potential risks of DeFi insurance

DeFi insurance may rely on CDS (Credit Default Swap) to achieve overtaking in curves, but there are also risks such as single point of...

NFT is popular, can it replicate the takeoff path of DeFi?

In the past week, the dramatic rise of MEME has made people feel the "long-lost" restlessness (in fact, only two or three weeks)—— It's...

Bitcoin adoption is taking a different path than initially expected

The case of Bitcoin’s adoption has been an intriguing one over the years. To a large extent, it has been all over the place...