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Is China e-CNY CBDC effectively competing with WeChat Pay and AliPay

China has become the frontrunner when it comes to the global CBDC race. China’s e-CNY is expected to witness a full-fledged launch by February...

Alchemy Pay signs six NFT artists to launch limited-edition crypto-linked cards

On October 27th, the inaugural Blockchain Infrastructure Alliance dinner was hosted by Alchemy Pay. Alchemy Pay CEO, John Tan, said that they will work with...

Why Bitcoin watchers need to pay attention to lost coins

The decentralized blockchain ecosystem comes with a catch: the risk of losing one’s coins in diverse ways. And these are no small numbers. A...

Ukraine: New bill might soon make it ‘quite legal to pay with cryptos’

While many countries are trying to ban cryptocurrencies due to economic concerns, Ukraine has taken a positive step towards legalizing cryptocurrencies. According to the...

Bitcoin miners pay attention, they ‘WANT’ you in Wyoming

The recent havoc caused by China‘s crackdown on Bitcoin mining activities has led to an exodus of miners; they’re shifting their operational base to...
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