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“Concealing customer loss” Tether agrees with New York prosecutors to pay 20 billion won

It was confirmed that Bitfinex and Tether have reached an agreement with the New York Attorney General. In April 2019, New York...

Bitfinex, Tether to pay $18.5 million fine

The much-discussed litigation that involved Bitfinex and Tether has now come to an end; the parties have reached a settlement. The settlement translated to...

Global virtual asset leaders such as Neo Dahong Pay attended the Bluecon-UnionPay contract conference

On the 22nd, Blue Global Partners (hereinafter referred to as Bluecon) announced on the 22nd that it will hold a press conference...

Youtuber claims representative wanted to pay him for promoting Tron

Marques Brownlee, a popular Youtube influencer, told his 13.6 million subscribers that representatives allegedly offered him a deal to promote Tron. They required him...

‘Cryptocurrency payment via Apple Pay and BitPay’ support

BitPay US cardholders can now add prepaid MasterCard to their Apple Pay wallet. Cardholders can register their cards with Apple Pay and...