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Key Reasons Why Bitcoin Could Nosedive Below $10,000 In Near-Term

Bitcoin price failed to correct higher and declined further below $10,200 against the US Dollar. BTC remains at a risk of more downsides below...

3 Key Reasons Why Bitcoin Could Bounce After $2,000 Drop

Bitcoin has experienced a strong drop in the past 48 hours after a strong rally to start the week. The leading cryptocurrency now changes...

3 reasons why Bitcoin price volatility may spike before the monthly close

As the monthly candle close of Bitcoin (BTC) comes closer, signs of heightened volatility are emerging. With just four days until the highly anticipated...

3 Key Reasons Why DeFi Giant yEarn Finance (YFI) Rallied to $12,800

YEarn Finance's YFI token launched just a month ago, and since then, the yield aggregating platform’s total value locked has climbed to $611 million. In the last...

Bitcoin: 4 reasons why we are in the early bull-run stage

How do we know we are in a bull run? Early 2017 did not show signs of what could occur by the end of...