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Pulling the rug: DeFi investment hype fuels rise in crypto exit scams

It’s hype season in the crypto space once again, and unsuspecting investors are at risk of suffering losses. Riding on the coattails of decentralized...

New Bitcoin forecast predicts a rise to $15k

Bitcoin price surged earlier today, once again approaching the $12k level. The move comes as tensions in China grow, while in the US, Morgan Stanley...

Nigerian Crypto Activity Has Been On the Rise Since April

Nigeria, the biggest source of Bitcoin (BTC) trading volume in Africa, is apparently one of the fastest-growing crypto markets in the world, according to...

Bloomberg: Ethereum’s Rise is Speculative While Bitcoin’s Price Is Based on Fundamentals

In its August crypto outlook, Bloomberg remained unimpressed with Ethereum, calling its rally “speculative”. The publication contends, however, that Bitcoin’s (BTC) rise is based...

Numerous LTC metrics rise as BTC leads the new rally

Litecoin has recently seen a strong surge in a number of different metrics. The coin saw the growth of new active addresses, but also a...