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Take Ripple as an example: How does the encryption industry deal with regulatory risks?

Perhaps, a lesson learned from the Ripple incident for exchanges is that if Ripple, the fourth largest in market value, can be sued,...

What are the possible security risks of unlimited token authorization?

If you want to use ERC20 tokens on DeFi protocols such as Uniswap, Aave, and Year, you need to authorize the dApp to use...

Gu Yanxi: Bitcoin miners need to consider using options to hedge risks

Miners can use the option Covered Call strategy to obtain stable income and prevent market downside risks. Original title: "Bitcoin miners need to consider...

How to manage risks in trading scientifically?

Author: Alex Koma Translation: Sherrie Risk management is to understand the essence of protection mechanisms In the final material of the special introduction...

Bitcoin price risks losing ‘critical technical level’ as stocks under pressure

U.S. stocks have started to correct as worries surrounding the pandemic are mounting. Meanwhile, Bitcoin (BTC) price has pulled back below $18,800 on Dec. 8...
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