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Crypto sentiment falls even as Bloomberg tips Bitcoin will hit $400K

Analytics company Santiment reports that cryptocurrency sentiment has fallen to near-record low levels for 2021 — even as some experts are doubling down on...

Bitcoin Hits $38,000 as Democratic Win Boosts Stimulus Sentiment

Bitcoin rallied continued during the European session Thursday as traders ignored Washington’s political unrest to focus instead on the potential for higher sovereign spending. The...

Bitcoin’s market sentiment switches again after $19k breach

Bitcoin’s price has been in a state of constant fluctuation over the past few weeks, dropping to a low of $17.6k before recovering to...

Polymarket reveals change in sentiment around ETH 2.0 Genesis event

One of the most hotly debated topics in crypto of late has been the question of whether the Ethereum 2.0 Genesis event will take...

This key market sentiment indicates this about Bitcoin’s trajectory

If one were to choose one word to define Bitcoin and its price movement over the past few weeks, it would be Persistence.With the...