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OKEx extended its real-time settlements for 22 new perpetual swaps

Crypto derivatives exchange OKEx recently added 22 new perpetual swaps to its real-time settlement feature. The move comes after the exchange recently added support for...

OKEx expands list for real-time settlements and margined perpetual swaps

Prominent cryptocurrency exchange, OKEx has announced extending its real-time settlement feature for two more digital assets-ALGOUSD and ATOMUSD and it is also adding...

OKEx announces real-time settlements for its products

OKEx decided to introduce a new feature before the year ends — real-time settlements for its products. The feature will be available for perpetual swaps,...

Stablecoin use lets Ethereum surpass Bitcoin in daily settlements

Ethereum recently surpassed BTC in daily settlement value. Bitcoin dominated for a long time when it comes to this metric, but the Ethereum network finally...