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FlyBit, NFT Stars (NFTS) officially listed on the Korean Won (KRW) market

On the 16th, Korea Digital Exchange (hereinafter Flybit), the operator of virtual asset exchange Flybit, officially listed NFT Stars (NFTS), a multi-chain...

Top Stars Line Up To Support Environmentally Friendly NFT Platform OneOf

Marketplace OneOf sets its sights on disrupting the NFT industry with its goal of reforming the fan experience. The platform was designed to cater...

From popular stars to DeFi high-risk zones, how to prevent oracle security issues?

Decentralized way to generate price data on the chain, this may be the only feasible correct logic. Original title: "Why the oracle becomes the...

Polkadot eco-stars such as Parity and Acala discuss the development opportunities of Polkadot DeFi

Acala co-founder Ruitao Su, Hypersphere partner Jack Platts, Parity VP Fabian Gompf and LedgerPrime managing partner Shiliang Tang talked about the Boka ecology and...
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