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What do these ‘super exciting’ developments mean for Cardano

Amid the market frenzy, Cardano hosted summit 2021, wherein the team shed light on the upcoming partnerships and vision for Cardano. To begin with,...

Vietnam Super Blockathon – Demo Day

Vietnam Super Blockathon với các giải thưởng giá trị hơn $25.000 là một sự kiện online kết hợp các hoạt động hackathon,...

Vietnam Super Blockathon: Launch Day

Vietnam Super Blockathon - sẽ chính thức khai mạc vào ngày 15/05/2021 Cùng tham với chúng tôi trong buổi khai mạc sự kiện...

The cryptocurrency deposit is 10/1, but the transaction amount is KOSPI. ‘Super short’ version

30 trillion won. It is the amount of daily transactions in the domestic cryptocurrency market. It is beyond the stock market and is...

Ethereum opens super permissions? Litecoin renamed? Have you been fooled this April Fool’s Day?

Because of the jet lag, this April Fool's Day lasted for two days. Organizing: Zhang Jingan In the past two days, unbelievable news broke...
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