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Synthetix announces $12 million raise led by Paradigm, Coinbase Ventures, and IOSG

The Synthetix DAO has added some new, perhaps surprising voices to its governance.  Today the synthetic asset protocol announced a $12 million dollar fundraise led...

Illustrate the working mechanism of mainstream DeFi derivatives: Synthetix, Hegic, dYdX, etc.

Have you experienced these important DeFi derivatives agreements? Original title: "The Way of DeFi丨Science: Learn about various popular DeFi derivatives, how many have you...

XRP, Synthetix, Decred Price Analysis: 30 January

At the time of writing, Bitcoin was back at square one trading within the $32,000-$34,000 range, after the Elon Musk-inspired hike exhausted itself. What...

XRP, Tron, Synthetix Price Analysis: 25 January

XRP formed a bullish reversal pattern and was set to test the $0.3 level of resistance over the next few days. Tron showed bullish...

Bitcoin Cash, Synthetix, Dash Price Analysis: 23 January

Bitcoin Cash traded close to the $426.4-support level and awaited cues from Bitcoin for a definitive move forward. SNX moved back above its...
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