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Sir Kenny Dalglish teams up with NEM to venture into the NFT space

Sir Kenny Dalglish, a former football player, and manager who is considered one of the greatest footballers of all time, has joined the NFT...

Angelo Galasso Teams Up With Doc Lee to Bring in NFTs

The renowned luxury brand Angelo Galasso now has a dedicated NFT section. This segment came out as a result of the collaboration between the fashion...

Cardano teams up with Scantrust to roll out a supply chain solution

The Cardano Foundation has rolled out a new supply chain traceability and anti-counterfeit solution “Cardano-Scantrust” through a partnership with Scantrust. Reportedly, Cardano-Scantrust will see...

VeChain (VET) teams up with RMIT’s Blockchain Innovation Hub

VeChain’s VeResearch has been one of the most important and innovative research programs for the last several years. It was responsible for countless breakthroughs...

Ontology (ONT) teams up with Wing Finance for a new DeFi product

Ontology and Wing Finance teamed up to create a new DeFi product called Inclusive Pool. This is a system that will allow users to borrow...
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