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What does this billionaire investor think of ETH, DeFi, CBDCs and NFTs?

Billionaire investor Mark Cuban has been quite bullish and vocal on matters regarding cryptocurrencies and blockchain in the recent past. The entrepreneur spoke about...

Stock-to-flow creator doesn’t think Bitcoin’s bull market is done

Bitcoin’s price seems to have stalled below $60,000 after attaining new all-time highs earlier in March. PlanB, a crypto analyst active on Twitter, thinks...

Crypto users’ assets like Bitcoin, Ether ‘less secure than they think’

Wallet security exploits have resulted in losses amounting to millions of dollars, which many believe hinders mainstream adoption of Bitcoin and other crypto-assets. Recently, data...

Why would anyone dare to think that BTC will reach $100,000?

Bitcoin was halved for the third time in 2020. Under the influence of the epidemic, the price of Bitcoin did not rise as expected...

Here’s Why Analysts Think Ethereum Will Soon Move Toward $800

Ethereum has underperformed Bitcoin as BTC has pushed past $33,000 today. ETH is up 8% in the past 24 hours while BTC has gained...