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Slow fog: technical dismantling of THORChain cross-chain system “fake recharge” vulnerability

Due to the wrong definition, if the ERC20 token symbol for cross-chain recharge is ETH, there will be a logical error; the attacker completed...

ShapeShift integrates THORchain to launch Native Bitcoin trading

ShapeShift, a global leader in non-custodial crypto trading, has integrated THORchain into its decentralised exchange (DEX) mobile platform. The company unveiled this news on...

THORChain (RUNE) listing on SushiSwap results in a 35% price surge

THORChain (RUNE) recently saw a 35% price increase. The surge came after the project got listed on SushiSwap, where its price hit $2.30. The surge of...

THORChain (RUNE) rallies 35% as the entire DeFi sector turns bullish

In the past week, a large number of altcoins have broken from their sideways ranges to post double-digit gains and it appears that investors...

DeFi’s next important primitive: exploring feedback control in applications such as Ampleforth and THORChain

A large number of emerging DeFi protocols vary greatly in functions and uses, but some primitives have become common components. Feedback control system is...
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