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Three minutes to understand Kylin Network: the cross-chain oracle on Polkadot

Kylin Network aggregates on-chain and off-chain data to build a cross-chain data query and data structure tool. Written by: Alice Qu DeFi has allowed...

Three minutes to understand Wanchain’s “multi-chain inter-crossing” mechanism: no relay, pledge deposit sharing

Wanchain released the "Pledge Sharing Multi-Chain Mutual Crossing" mechanism, which realized the direct cross-chain from Bitcoin to Ethereum without the need to relay through...

Three minutes to analyze the PieDAO token economic model of the chain index fund

Understand the usage scenarios and distribution methods of PieDAO governance tokens. Original title: "An article about PieDAO's governance token $DOUGH" Written by: Xu Joniro ...

Three minutes to learn about APYSwap: Decentralized cross-chain exchange gun pool tokenization protocol

APYSwap allows users on multiple blockchains to create and control their native blockchain vaults, and transfer "control" to third parties for passive income. Written...

Wake up the potential of funding: three minutes to understand DeFi aggregator Spendless

Spendless can automatically help users complete donations, or save and increase income, without having to manually perform and pay for it every time. Original...