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Three minutes to understand ArcherDAO: MEV solution for arbitrageurs and miners to benefit together

ArcherDAO balances the interests of arbitrageurs, miners and ordinary users in a more decentralized way, thereby reducing the negative impact of MEV. Author: First...

Ethereum, MATIC, and Graph Token – How the three assets’ surges are linked

The fundamental functionality of Ethereum will play a vital role in the future of blockchain. The success of Decentralized Finance, NFTs, and possibly a...

How to integrate ENS in DApp? Understand these three main methods

Learn how to integrate ENS in DApp through case practice. Original title: "Introduction | Best Practices for ENS Integration" Written by: makoto_inoue Translation: Ajian ...

Three minutes to understand DeFine Art: NFT platform focusing on the Asian market

DeFine Art provides Asian creators with digital asset NFT distribution services based on art, music and games. It also has functions such as auctions...

Three minutes to understand the NFT decomposition and synthesis protocol ShardingDAO

ShardingDAO is a NFT fragmentation solution that splits NFT and unlocks liquidity based on the AMM mechanism trading platform. Written by: Dongchang If 2020...