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The Care Bears, Roger Ver, and Tesla shenanigans: Bad crypto news of the week

While Bitcoin stays under its $12,000 ceiling, you can take your pick of future price predictions. The Winklevoss Brothers say that the coin will...

Deadalnix will fork away from Bitcoin Cash in Nov: Roger Ver 

 Roger Ver today announced in his tweet that deadalnix will be forking from Bitcoin Cash on 15 November, 2020. The tweet did not mention...

Craig Wright files another libel suit against Roger Ver after 2019 fail

Craig Wright, a self-proclaimed creator of Bitcoin (BTC), is reportedly continuing to file more defamation suits against perceived rivals, despite none of his previous...

Roger Ver Says Twitter Blocking His Tweets About BCH

Bitcoin.com founder Roger Ver says Twitter seems to be blocking him from sending tweets about non-state issued money.  Ver said he was trying to send...