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Willy Woo predicts Bitcoin price trend: market and fundamentals are seriously deviated

Willy Woo believes that Bitcoin's re-accumulation and recovery remain unchanged and are strengthening, creating a classic price trend that deviates from fundamentals. Written by:...

Bitcoin could hit $100,000 despite recent bear run – Willy Woo says

The price of Bitcoin dropped heavily this week by nearly 40%, which has generated concerns that the unprecedented bull-run of the cryptocurrency has ended. However,...

Willy Woo doesn’t think Bitcoin’s overall upward run has ended

Bitcoin’s price fell significantly this week as the $30,000 price level waved hello to the frantically falling asset. Willy Woo, a popular Bitcoin (BTC)...

Woo Won-sik “Opposite real estate tax relief, you shouldn’t tax cryptocurrency”‘

In addition, Rep. Woo Won-sik, who ran for the Democratic Party's next party presidential election, said on the 27th that he was opposed...

Bitmain resigns from co-founder Jihan Woo, ‘Conflict on management rights’ agreement

Bitmain, a producer of Bitcoin mining equipment, announced that Bitmain will find the top as former CEO Wu Jihan resigns. Earlier, in...
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