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Passion Venture Capital spoke at CPA Australia- ISCA monthly talk series on 6 July 2021 about investing in cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies have been making headlines and are a widely debated topic. What are they, how do you use them and what are the risks that come with investing in cryptocurrencies? These are some of the questions addressed.

Passion Venture Capital, based in Singapore and is granted Capital Markets Services (CMS) Licence. The team cumulatively has 200 years of financial sector career experience and expertise in fund management, banking, corporate advisory and global markets equity research.

CPA Australia ("Certified Practising Accountant") is a professional accounting body in Australia founded in 1886. They are one of the world’s largest accounting bodies with a global membership of over 168,000 members (as of February 2021) in more than 100 countries supported by 19 offices globally.

The speakers include:

1) Davy J Goh, Founder & Chief Executive Officer- Introduction and Overview

2) Jonathan Koh, Chief Commercial Officer- Overview of Cryptocurrencies

3) Anndy Lian, Partner & Investor Director, Blockchain- Q & A

The video is showing the Q & A session where Anndy Lian took the lead.

"Cryptocurrencies are changing the financial markets and how businesses operate. I really hope to share more insights on cryptocurrencies investing and NFT, DeFI funds to what kind of blockchain tech companies should you look out for." Anndy Lian commented.

Anndy Lian is an intergovernmental blockchain expert. He is currently serving as the Chief Digital Advisor to Mongolian Productivity Organisation and Chairman to BigOne Asia.

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