Crypto Curry Club: Trading, Investing And The Lessons Learned Along The Way


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Erica Stanford, Founder of Crypto Curry Club meets Anndy Lian, book author and intergovernmental blockchain expert. They talked about trading, investing and other lessons learnt when dealing with crypto.

It’s hard to miss news of the meteoric rise in prices for several coins but crypto’s nature consists of a lot of plunges along the way due to its volatility and unpredictability and one of the biggest challenges for investors when it comes to crypto is to not get caught up in the hype. This is especially so for now that we live in an era where a tweet can easily dictate its rise and fall.

If you’re tempted to invest or are looking to have a little exposure to crypto in your portfolio, Anndy Lian, Chairman of BigONE Exchange lets you in on what to consider before taking the leap.

Give us an overview of all the different ways for people and institutions to get involved in crypto. What are some of the different ways that are being offered on the BigONE Exchange?
[00:01:59] Anndy Lian

Do you see any new trends in terms of what type of people or users are being drawn to these products and strategies?
[00:05:17] Anndy Lian

What methods would you say you see to mitigate with as less risk as possible if somebody is new to crypto and sort of cautious to get in?
[00:08:39] Anndy Lian

How do you see institutional investment in crypto going?
[00:13:21] Anndy Lian

What else do you see needs to come in for crypto to be fully ideal for new investors, but also for institutional money aside from the regulation and ease of use?
[00:19:26] Anndy Lian

Anndy Lian is an all-rounded business strategist in Asia. He has provided advisory across a variety of industries for local, international, public listed companies and governments. He is an early blockchain adopter and experienced serial entrepreneur, book author, investor, board member and keynote speaker.

Currently, he is appointed as the Chief Digital Advisor at Mongolia Productivity Organization, championing national digitization. He is also the Chairman, Asia for BigONE Exchange. BigONE is a global cryptocurrency exchange that provides a platform for trading various cryptocurrencies. It was founded in 2017 and registered in the Netherlands. The group operates in Russia, Brazil, Vietnam, Seychelles, Singapore, Japan, and Indonesia, providing marketing, investment, and blockchain technology research & development.

At Crypto Curry Club, we create opportunities to build meaningful relationships, and exchange value through shared experiences on a range of topics from Blockchain, Digital Assets, Crypto to Tech for Sustainability. The club connects like-minded individuals to come together and affect real change that innovates our future while driving businesses forward.

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