Asia Blockchain Community Exclusive Interview with $COCKTAIL “HOURLY in Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, and many more!”


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1) Thanks for coming by ABC. Can you please give us a brief introduction of yourself and your US-based team?

My name is Akeela, I am the co-owner/marketing lead at $COCKTAIL. I own $COCKTAIL with three other members (2 developers, and another marketing lead). Two of the team members are California based (1 developer, marketing lead). 1 of the developers is based in Australia. And I am based in Canada.

We are all experienced crypto investors, project managers, marketers, and developers. I myself have 10 years of sales and marketing experience from a global company and have worked across Europe + North America.

Three of us met on the $TIKI project and decided to launch our own rewards token. I myself used to manage the $TIKI project. And we are very excited to have launched our own project $COCKTAIL!

2) What is $COCKTAIL all about? We are eager to find out more.

$COCKTAIL is a custom made Binance Smart Chain (BSC) contract that quite is unique, revolutionary, and innovative.

The token utilizes a unique combination of tokenomics into one project to offer a “cocktail” of all the best features the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) has to offer.

$COCKTAIL has the following features (a mix of rewards):

• Automatic hourly rewards payments in SAFEMOON, wBTC, wETH, wADA, XLM, MATIC, LINK, BNB, BUSD, CAKE, and BABYDOGECOIN
• Automatic + Manual token buyback feature
• Rewards multiplier function technology

3) We like your key selling points. Tell us more about your hourly payments and reward multiplier functions.

As long as a holder has at least 25 000 $COCKTAIL tokens, they will receive hourly + automatic rewards of their choice.

Our project is the first ever to launch a rewards multiplier function on the BSC network. The Cocktail developer team created the “Binance Auto-Reward Bot”. The rewards multiplier bot system can take the average investor and transform them into a whale investor based on their individual merit and promotion of their investment.

This new technology not only benefits individual investors but also increases Cocktail brand awareness that will fuel future project growth.

Our top promoters are ranked in our discord scoreboard which keeps track of everyone’s promotions/shills, as well as assigns them their bonus tiers.

We offer our holders to be paid their rewards with any token of their choice and we can also continuously add new tokens.

4) What are your tokenomics like?

The token contract utilizes a static rewards system—15% of every transaction is split in three:
• 9% is added to the pool that is redistributed to holders
• 3% is used for the Buy Back feature for the token
• 3% is used to fuel the liquidity pool

5) Can you share with us your overall roadmap?

Our road map is very exciting! We feel we have a unique project on the BSC as we offer rewards in other tokens. We have plans to partner with top projects in the space like Dogecoin, Safemoon, and Babydoge to see how we can promote our projects together. As our holders can multiply their holdings in other projects by holding cocktail.

Our innovative “Binance Auto-Reward Bot” has caught the attention of many projects. And we want to share our technology with other projects as well. We are in the process of creating the “COCKTAIL PAD” where we will help to launch other projects and allow them to use our technology and marketing. But we will also accept applications from new/existing projects to list their token as a reward offering on $COCKTAIL.

Our Overall Roadmap looks something like this:

Q3: 2021
Add BABYDOGECOIN to our rewards offering
Reach 20 million Marketcap
10,000 Telegram Members
5,000 Holders
Dessert Swap Audit
Listing on Coin Gecko & Coin Market Cap
Listing on Change Now
Targeted Asia Marketing Strategy
Targeted Middle East Marketing Strategy
Ad on the Burj Khalifa

Q4: 2021
Reach 100 million Marketcap
Complete HashhEx Audit
Launch Cocktail Shop
Launch “Cocktail Pad”
Listing on Bit Mart

Q1: 2022
Reach 500 million Market Cap
Expand product to Far East Asia and Africa to offer solutions to the “unbanked”

Complete Certik Audit
Cocktail Visa

6) What is your revenue model like and when will it kick in?

As described above, we are going to launch the COCKTAIL PAD and help to launch BSC projects. But we will also accept listings to our rewards offering.

We want to empower not only our project, but all projects that are honest, hard-working, and willing to put their community first.

We plan to lease our promotional engine to other projects. This will allow us to charge projects on our launchpad fees. We are working out the cost/pricing of launchpad packages and our listing fees.

7) Crypto space moves fast. What should we expect from $COCKTAIL in the next 3 months in terms of development?

Ohh this is only day 4 since launch now. If crypto moves fast, $COCKTAIL moves faster.

We got CoinMarketCap + CoinGecko in 72 hours, have A-List promoters, and every single day has been making advancements on our promotion engine.

In 3 months, you’ll see a fully developed promotional tool that any token can use!

I firmly believe our team has delivered so much in less than a week including:

⁃ Promotions with 20+ Twitter influencers
⁃ 5+ Instagram Influencers
⁃ 5+ YouTube Influencers
⁃ Weibo + WeChat channels for Asia marketing
⁃ Soulja Boy backing + other celebrities (Daniel Moncada – Breaking Bad Actor, Lance Stewart – YouTuber)
⁃ Ambassadorships with Crypto Profile (The Wolf) 1 million + followers and Lady Cryptonic 700k
⁃ NYC Times Square Billboard on Day 1
⁃ 22k followers on Twitter

8) Will you be offering specific programs targeting the Asia market?


We have two community members, that are leading our Asia market growth plan. Additionally, we translated our website + white paper to Chinese.

Our Japan, China, and India TG groups all have 1000+ members. We also have an allocated budget for these TG groups to do their own contests + giveaways + sponsored posts on socials.

We also have started targeted Asia marketing with Weibo + WeChat channels.

9) How do you see the current crypto space? It is bear or bull? Please share your thoughts on that.

Our mission is to bring 1m new investors into crypto this year, if we ARE on a bear run. The $COCKTAIL mission is to bring the bulls back!

In my personal opinion, it doesn’t matter what “cycle” we are in, if there is a focused strategy and an innovative project, you can launch in either market and have success.

10) Before we end this segment, can you give us an inspiring quote?

$COCKTAIL IS ON A MISSION TO BRING 1 MILLION NEW INVESTORS INTO CRYPTO THIS YEAR!!! We want cryptocurrency to be accessible to everyone. And we feel we have the most ideal token to execute this vision with. $COCKTAIL has something for everyone. Whether it’s a “cocktail” of features OR a “cocktail” of rewards!

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