Asia Blockchain Community Talks to Okex Fly on DAO, NFT, DeFI, GameFi and all


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1) Thanks for coming by. Give us an introduction of yourself.

I am a representative from the Okfly community, my name is Stephen. Thank you for the attention given to us by the Asia blockchain community.


2) What is Okex Fly all about? What is your mission in the crypto space?

Okex Fly is a community self-governed project, the kip-20 project issued on Okex chain, inspiring to create brilliance on OKEx Chain.

Our mission in the crypto space is to create the community’s own decentralized ecosystem, which will lead users into the world of meta-universe, and publish NFT based on the concept of Shanhaijing and large-scale games on the blockchain.


3) Why choose Okex Chain over the rest of them?

The OKEx chain is a new chain that has just launched, and Okex is also the world’s top three digital currency asset exchanges. We are optimistic about the prospects of Okex and firmly believe that we can create brilliance through the efforts of the community on the Okex chain.


4) Can you share with us about your tokenomics and token structure?

50% of the Okex fly is initially destroyed. During the transaction, 3% of the tokens will be reflected to all token holders, 3% of the tokens will return to liquidity, and the other 3% will be allocated to the community marketing wallet.  Since the black hole address will continue to obtain reflected tokens, the destruction speed will accelerate, increasing the value of the tokens.


5) Tell us more about your technical architecture. What are the key developments?

Our R&D team was composed of members of blockchain game companies from North America and Asia. It is currently developing a large-scale original NFT based on the ancient Chinese myth-Shan Hai Jing as the theme.  The field continues to develop.  There are several community members in our community, like me, who have rich experience in high-concurrency and high-traffic Internet architecture, and some members are proficient in the development of blockchain applications. We will gradually use our respective expertise in the Okex fly project.  Give full play to it.


6) Marketing is very important. Can I know what are your marketing plans for the next 3 months?    

a. Our recent plan is to obtain the inclusion of CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap, and do some marketing activities on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap.

We are the pioneers of the Okex chain. Since CoinGecko has not previously included Okex chain related projects, we have been actively contacting CoinGecko and strive to achieve our goals.  CoinMarketCap is also similar to CoinGecko. Because the Okex chain is a new public chain, our road is difficult and tortuous, but we have been working hard to move forward.

b. We will try to get more interaction with Cherryswap and Okex official.

c. We will continue to promote our NFT and game-related items on Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, Weibo.


7) What are your core revenue/ income for your project?

We have not achieved revenue yet. In the future, all of our revenue will be used for project promotion and research and development.  Our current marketing expenses are subsidized by a member of the community. Our community members know him. He has invested a lot in our project. In the future, we will use game revenue and subsidize our investors through community voting.


8)The community is another key to the project.  Where do most of the members of your community come from?  How do you plan to motivate them to keep it in your ecosystem?

Most of our community members are from China and South Korea. The community’s plan is to integrate our users into our ecosystem through our original NFT system and game system and to let more users around the world know about us through various marketing programs.  , Join us and make Okex fly a star project in the blockchain industry. Our ultimate goal is to log in to Okex and continue to grow.


9)I know you plan to launch a game soon.  Can you tell us some insights?

Our game is divided into several stages, our first stage will be launched soon.  The following is an introduction to several stages:

The first stage:

  1. Get NFT (10,000 original NFT mythical creatures cards)

2. NFT market

  1. Trial of mythical beasts (obtaining income through NFT)

Second stage:

Divine beast combat system (various), divine beast skin system

The third stage:

Divine beasts mating system, team combat

The fourth stage:

City-State Battle-For details, please follow our telegram community and official Twitter

The fifth stage

City-state construction and business-for details, please follow our telegram community and official Twitter


10) Please share an inspiring word for our community members.  We like to learn from experts like you.

Don’t forget why we started and move forward bravely