Exclusive Interview with Mike Johnson, Founder of Wanderlust “Travel: The way to feed and free your SOUL”


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1) Good evening, Mike. Thanks for popping by Asia Blockchain Community. Can you give a brief introduction of yourself and also your team members?

My name is Mike Johnson, I am the Founder & CEO of Wanderlust. I am 30 years old, married, with Two kids ages 22 months and seven months. I am a Finance Manager In the auto industry as well as a crypto and blockchain enthusiast. I have been active in the crypto space since late 2017 and at heart a travel connoisseur.

We have Paul who is our Co-Founder and CMO has a background in Manage Development and Recruiting. Paul also Has experience in brand building and has been investing in crypto since 2016. We have to develop directly on the team that do to personal career positions of employment are unable to publicly doxed at the moment, We hope that is able to change soon but for now, we respect and understand. Our CTO has a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics, he has many years of experience writing contracts and blockchain development. Our other developer Member has a degree in I.T. Management & Data Analytics. With heavy experience in crypto and web application development.

2) What is Wanderlust? What made you start this project? What is your vision?

Wanderlust is a Brand, it’s a lifestyle, and it’s the answer to a very existing global situation. Bringing the travel industry into the crypto space with a niche ecosystem that offers a one-stop-shop for travel needs will do exactly what Crypto was designed to do. & That is simply decentralizing it. Rid it of inconsistency in the form of fluctuating currencies based on geographical locations and high commissions being paid out. The vision is to have an operating Application that can be used to purchase 5 all of your travel accommodations and requirements, while being able tip services, leave reviews. Also a place to be able to create and store the NFTs you capture during travel escapades. Our vision also includes helping preserve the natural paradise of this world. To do our part to keep also the gifts of the earth alive, we will do this through charitable attributes to organizations with the same goal. As well as building relationships with these organizations so that users can have an easy way to go and contribute directly from our website if it was something that wanted to do.

3) Care to share with us your tokenomics? Why this structure?

Our Tokenomics ensures that there is a 10% levied with every transaction buy, sell, or transfer. (This is not a fee that will be implemented during the purchases of any nature) The 10% is split up as the following: 3% is redistributed back to holders, 3% goes to LP, 3% goes to the Wander Fund(allocated for Vacation Giveaways, Charitable Donations, & Marketing), 1% is burned. This structure ensures that holders get a good amount of tokens from every transaction, keeps the burn going since it’s automatic, and provides the proper funds to be able to give away dream vacations to winners and keep development and marketing going.

4) I had a glimpse of an “NFT generator”. What is that? And what are your technology roadmap ahead?

The NFT Generator is place where a user can come to our website(application) whether a content creator or a wander and they will be able to take a picture from the digital art or from their adventures and approved media will then be digitized into a personalized that can be sent to friends and family like a postcard or even sold on an NFT Marketplace. The road map ahead consists of finishing the development of this Generator and have it built directly into our website. Quarter 1 is the development of the application which will have many functions. As developers we will be sharing with the community our progress we these things continue to be developed.

5) Marketing travel experiences are easy in my perspective. We all have enjoyed holidays in some part of our lives. What are your marketing strategies?

For the next few months like at any given time we will be marketing our brand very strong.

First I am always planning or looking to book AMA with Strong communities because I believe that talking directly with a community and being able to discuss the project results in the best and most organic growth development. We are currently working with Some high ranking influencers on Weibo to generator more exposure to that user base. We are in talks with a marketing monster that has worked with many great projects just to put more eyes on the project by introducing it to direct respected people. We will continue to do vacation giveaways which are very exciting.

We already have one winner and they are beyond excited, even saying we have made a dream come true for them. We will also continue running ads on various websites such as Coingecko and keep updates coming as Reddit posts and press releases.

6) Insufficient revenue has been a problem for many projects. What other streams of revenue do you have apart from those generated from tokenomics?

Wanderful … question. Outside of tokenomics we have some really fun things being put into place. We are putting together a collection of NFTs that will be paired to certain merchandise, there will be a limited number of NFTs per collection. With the Purchase of the NFT, you will get the physical piece of merchandise. So some exciting NFTs that will go up for Auction. As well as a full blow travel store, we want to build our brand into Travel as a whole, which means offering merchandise for nearly any travel escapade.

7) What kind of listing plans do you have in your lineup?

So I have contact with many exchanges. Being listed is one of our blocks for this Qrt. However, we will not just rush to jump onto the first listing as soon as we get a chance. We are very familiar with the requirements and cost of getting listed. So when we make this decision we want to make sure that we are doing it in the interest of the project and not just for the sake of being listed. We want to ensure that the volume is in the right place and we continue to accomplish everything we set out to do on our road map. We will be listed at the right time on the right exchanges.

8) Do you have plans to expand into the Asia markets?

Absolutely. It would be absurd not to. We are currently working with top crypto influencers on the platform Weibo and will be working on getting into a top-ranking position there. We aim to be a global currency and a project sanctioned in every corner of the world. it’s in our nature as Wanderlust. But for the Asian community and markets, it is a large market that plays a big part in participation in Crypto. So we 100% want to build relationships and communities in the Asia Markets.

9) Tell us about your “Preserving our Paradise” initiatives.

That’s easy. It’s exactly how it sounds. It is us wanting to do what we can to help preserve the natural beauties of the world. Whether it be the oceans, forests, air, cities, ruins they are places people go to visit every day, they are the essence of the world we live in. it was important that if we were going be entering the world of travel that we wanted to do whatever we could to protect the places the community of Wanders want to go. Earth is our biggest gift, we want to give back. So we have already reached out to a few organizations and created a relationship with some that we liked and will continue to do more. We even gained permission to link these organizations directly on our website so that anyone that visits the Wanderlust website that can easily find the organizations and read about the goals and decide if it’s something they connect to.

10) Share an inspiring quote for our community, please. We love to be inspired.

Traveling for me felt like meeting myself for the first time, a sense nirvana. It truly Frees and Feeds your soul. Go somewhere, see something, just experience life and what it has to offer because around ever corner there is a chance to meet yourself again. You never know who you are going to meet and how your life can change. So absolve that and wander away.