Exclusive Interview with XRdoge “Harness The Power of XRPL”


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1) Thanks for being here with us at Asia Blockchain Community. Can you please give an introduction for yourself and your core members?

Greetings! I am Moonboi589, one of the founders of XRdoge. The other founders are Yggy Pop & TheXRdoge. We follow the examples of Satoshi and Ryoshi of Bitcoin & Shiba Inu fame; in that we embrace pseudonymity. It seems to have worked well for those two projects!

It is easy to get lost in the personalities of the developers, but for me, the most important thing is the project itself, what has been achieved in such a short time, and the underlying community. The community itself are the core members.

XRodge is a decentralised token with the community holding the vast majority of the tokens. But within that, some of the holders have taken prominent roles in promoting and developing the token. This is not because they were handpicked by us, but simply because of their own efforts in developing the project. All are welcome and called upon to become core members in promoting and developing the project in their own special and unique way.

We have a core group of guerilla markets called the Special Meme Service who work tirelessly to promote us via memetics.

We also work closely with a couple of established marketing firms. And have a team of very talented developers that we work with – both front-end website & back-end XRPL developers.


2) Can you walk us through what is XRdoge all about? In your lite paper, you call yourself the Robin Hood of crypto, how will you fall into this role?

The main goal of XRdoge is to use memetics to showcase the utility of the XRP Ledger – a public, decentralised ledger on which XRP is the base token. One the utility side we have already built our own XRdoge web payment portal through which XRdoge can be used to purchase real goods in real-time. All whilst both vendor and customer retain custody of their own tokens.

We have built the XRdoge Dex – which is designed to be a fun and intuitive interface with the underlying XRPL Dex. We also have some innovative projects in development through which XRdoge will further demonstrate the utility power it has at its fingertips.

But all of this would be nothing without memetics. Memetics is a form of utility. It is what brings attention to other forms of utility and brings new people into the project. This adds long-term value to the token. Because what is it that makes a currency fundamentally useful? That it can be exchanged for other things of value.

The XRPL is like the internet cables, but XRdoge memetics is like Walt Disney creating a beautiful movie that captures the hearts of humankind, and showcases the underlying power of the internet, as the customer watches the movie on their laptop.

We are the robin hood of crypto in more than one way. Firstly, because of the equitable and fair way we distributed the initial token supply. Secondly, because we take from the riches of XRPL utility to provide value to the wider crypto community. And we take from the riches of Doge-memetics, to give back to the XRPL ecosystem – via exposure and investment.


3) I love the idea of your 75% airdrop of tokens. Can you tell us about the benefits of it? How does your tokenomics look like in totality?

There are a few benefits to a large airdrop. One of the simplest is to get the token out into as many hands as quickly and fairly as possible. This creates ready liquidity in the market, and a sense that all can participate in the XRdoge ecosystem.

Another is community building. One of the hardest things for a new project is building a strong and vibrant community.  It also is an important method for developing hype.  There are many important factors to a strong project including utility development, but in a speculative market hype will always be one of the most important.

However,  an airdrop alone is not enough. The airdrop gives a strong initial push to the project. But the community that it develops must be nurtured and cared for. And that community must also work to promote their own bags. A few project founders is not enough for success. What is required is an engaged and creative community that works both independently and together to take the token to the next level.


4) What is your marketing plan like for this quarter?

Our marketing plan is formed by a few main prongs, which work together synergistically. Guerilla, formal, and utility development.

Guerilla Marketing: One important thing to remember with XRdoge is that it is a token built on a decentralised public ledger, where the vast majority of the token is held by the community. The founders of the project are free to promote and market the token in any way they see fit. But the community is also free to do so. The best of all, and what happens with XRdoge holders, is that they come together in smaller and larger groups to promote the coin in many different ways. The founders work synergistically with the community. We promote the community’s efforts, and they promote ours.

The essence of our guerilla marketing is: In XRdoge the community pumps their own bags, together. The founders are part of the community. Many community members have set up very popular XRdoge Twitter accounts, YouTube accounts, are on tik tok, telegram, discord and so on. They create XRdgoe songs, artwork, meme videos, and merchandise. In one way they are separate from the founders, but we all work together to support, collaborate and promote each other’s work.

Then there is the more traditional marketing. We have engaged an outdoor + digital marketing company based in the UK for the English speaking market.  We have also engaged a marketing company for the Asian market.

One of our main aims for the next quarter is to push out into the Asian market in particular.


5) I can see immediately that your DEX is one major revenue stream. Can you tell us if you have other streams of revenue?

 As well as the DEx, we have an innovative XRdoge payment portal that provides another stream of income. We currently have more innovative utility projects in development which will add to this.


6) Tell us more about your DEX. What is your ideal outcome for the DEX?

 Not many people know but the XRP ledger has an inbuilt DEX, but for the longest time, it was barely used. Technically what we offer is an interface with it. But the aim is to make it much more simple and easy to use for the average crypto holder. Since XRdoge launched trading on the XRPL DEX has skyrocketed, and the XRdoge DEX is a key driving force behind it.

What is good for XRdoge is good for the XRPL ecosystem and vice versa.

We have a link on our website to an entire series of YouTube videos to help anyone get set up with buying, holding, and trading XRdoge in a decentralised manner. This is not to replace the centralised world but to expand the vista of available possibilities.

We are also looking at using our DEX interface to offer some very innovative game-changing crypto solutions that are currently in development.

One of the aims of the Dex for us is combining utility with memetics. When someone uses the XRdoge Dex, they have the name of the token in their mind all the time. This creates an immense potential user base of people thinking about and checking the price and what the project is up to. This further creates an incredible amount of money on the sidelines, keeping tabs on what the price & the project is up to, ready to FOMO in when the day comes.


7) Since you have a DEX, will that delay yourself from listing on other exchanges? What is your listing plan like?

The Dex will not delay ourselves from listing on other exchanges. Our goal has always been to have a firm foundation in the decentralised world, but also to expand into the centralised world. Both worlds are important, and different folks prefer to operate in one, or the other, or both. Exposing the widest possible market to XRdoge and building up our community from all peoples and all walks of life is very important to us.

We are currently listed on Bitrue & WhiteBit. And we are in the final stages of another listing which we hope to be able to announce shortly. We were also the first XRPL altcoin to be listed on SWFT – a cross-chain swaps network. And so tokens from many different networks can be swapped for XRdoge.

The next state in our approach for listings is linked to our marketing approach. Increase the market of XRodge so we are in a position to approach some of the much larger exchanges. To many, this might seem crazy and one step too far, but we have learned that the limiting factor for most projects is believing that things cannot be done.

We believe that XRdoge is going to shock the world. And we want you all to come along for the ride.


8) Is Asia an important market for your project? What are your plans in Asia?

The Asian market is the main focus for the next stage of our project. This will put us well ahead of the other XRPL altcoins. We are working on having articles and project documentation translated into different Asian languages. We are working with an Asian marketing company. We are working to engage Asian influencers, and to be featured in publications.

We very quickly became the most prominent XRPL altcoin in the English speaking world. Now we are moving to bring XRdoge into the Asian market in the same way. And we are well ahead of the pack.


9) Metaverse seems to be the new buzzword in 2022. Do you have plans to venture into that?

Metaverse is not something that we plan to enter into directly. Mainly because the core of our project is slightly different and for now we wish to have the fundamental XRdoge ecosystem fully built out and to a high level.

However! We have been approached by some metaverse projects about a collaboration but so far it has not been quite the right fit. The beauty of XRdoge as a decentralised token, on a decentralised public ledger is that anyone can use it for anything. And we are always keen to work with the right project, at the right time. And if a metaverse project approached us in the future about using XRodge in conjunction with their project, this would be of great interest to us.


10) Kindly share an inspiring quote for our community, please.

 “Ideally, Doge speeds up block time 10X, increases block size 10X & drops fees 100X. Then it wins hands down.” – Elon Musk.

Why do I quote this, because XRdoge does all this and much much more. Elon wanted it, we built it. Xrdoge will win hands down!

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