Hosts Live AMA with King of the Doge: “My Dogenomics will rule all of the BSC land”


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1) Good evening all. Let’s meet King of the Doge today. Firstly, can you tell me more about yourself and also your team members? If you have time, can you send us their social profiles too?

Firstly I would like to thank Blockcast for having us it is truly a pleasure! The King Of The Doge team is made up of three guys that share a passion and love for cryptocurrency and the BSC network and we’re on a mission to restore faith in the BSC community. We have been friends for many year’s and have come to the conclusion based on our experience’s that we can do it bigger and better and creating a fair and fun playing field on way. We’re all professionals in our own field and this I what makes the team’s chemistry that much greater.

Mochie (developer) – Owns his own successful construction company with over 400+ employees.

Nemz (marketing manager) – International DJ and has welcomed some of the biggest stars to our country and helped them with a successful tour.

Robbie (community driver) – Robbie is a relationship manager at one of Australia’s biggest financial institutions and has climbed his way up the corporate ladder.

And me? King Doge!

Well, I’m just a king, let’s get on with it!


2) So, what is King of the Doge? What are your vision and mission?

We have seen many doge tokens out but felt it was missing some fresh tokenomics. So we introduced a game-ified & competitive driven token into the BSC space. King Of The Doge is actually just a hint of what’s to come. Possible cosmetics-related NFT games are in the works and will be introduced to our community as we reach Q4.


3) Share with us your dogenomics, please.

TLDR: You can become the King of the Doge and earn up to 5% (KOTD, CODF, Reflection) for every transaction in a 4-hour window.

Total tax: 10%
3% King Of The Doge – The King Of The Doge is the top buyer within a 4-hour interval. If you are the King, you get 3% of every transaction!
1% Redistribution – Every holder gets distributed 1% of every transaction. Basic reflection.
1% Capture the DogeFlag – To ‘Capture the Flag’ a minimum buy of 2.5 Million $KOTD is required. Whoever is holding the Doge Flag will receive 1% of every transaction. (minimum buy will be decreased accordingly as we reach a higher market cap)
If a new holder comes along and buys 2.5 million $KOTD, the Doge Flag gets passed onto them.
4% Marketing Fund – For King Of The Doge to receive the recognition it deserves we need a small amount of tokens for the marketing wallet. These funds will be used for applications, partnerships, articles, influencers, listings and more.
1% Burn – How else can we incentivize our holders? For every transaction, there will be a 1% tax applied that will accrue over time and be burnt.
With anti-bot, anti-whale measures in place for the first 15 minutes on trading (Commencing at 6 AM GMT+8 30th July 2021)


4) Can you tell us your marketing roadmap? Many of your community members would like to be the first to follow.

AMAs in Reputable Crypto Channels. Twitter Influencers. CMC/Coingecko Ads. Ads on Dextools + Poocoin. Airdrops.


5) What is your revenue and technology roadmap?

Slight revenue will be gained from the marketing tax. Technology will go towards building an ecosystem.. *hint* a game could be very well in the works and will involve mythical creatures. DAPPS creation on creating a nice User Interface to view how much the King of the Doge reflections is getting. Lots of exciting things to come certainly!


6) Care to share with us your intended use case?

$KOTDOGE will be used for cosmetics of building a character for possible NFT minting in the $KOTDOGE ecosystem. It will be tied into the wallet address holder + character creation and classification of a potential upcoming game.


7) I like that you say saying “The King Doge loves the Doge Family”. How does your airdrop program work?

We reward early members in the community and support holders who have bought dogecoin or babydogecoins and they bring about a fun element of acquiring crypto, making it marketable and loved by all ages. Doge tokens do not discriminate and are easily understandable, thus making it a token with massive network effect and marketability.


8) What should we expect in the next week? We are seeing more people tagging you on Twitter.

We would encourage holders to come up with strategy guides on how to acquire more $KOTDOGE tokens. We would love to see the community come up with community art, you know, King of the Doge loves portraits of himself.


9) Can you share with us an inspiring quote?

“Heavy is the head that wears the crown, always someone plotting to take you down.” – King of the Doge


10) Lastly, what do you have to say to the meme and doge family about “King of Doge”.

All fun and games at the King of the Doge, are you ready for battle, or would you stay as a spectator?