In Conversation with Malik Jan, CEO of DeHub- The Decentralized Entertainment Hub


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1) We are pleased to host DeHub this evening. Let’s begin by knowing more about you. Can you tell me more about yourself and your teammates too?

Hi! A pleasure to be here with you guys – the team is large and all linked on so be sure to reach out!

I’m leading the project having previously built streaming app which grew to 2000 users before we even wrote our first smart contract (rebranding to DeHub with a large capital injection and a newly strengthened team)

I also run Agenz Ltd ( an FCA regulated UK registered agency specializing in construction and hospitality.

Our team is full of amazing minds and machines I invite you to research

You’ll find our head of comms Indi was recently on one the biggest TV shows in England “Masked Dancer” and our man Mike leading the sport PPV ops is actively fighting and networking with the biggest stars in the scene – already securing a number of endorsements from huge stars. Our CTO Aleks has built successful apps and companies and our marketing team is lead by

2) What is DeHub all about?

A gaming and streaming protocol with a pioneering token economy.

DeHub aims to be THE decentralised hub of all your entertainment needs in this new digital age.

From classic online mini-games to major Pay-Per-View events to blockbuster movies, we will provide the familiar experience of the off-chain world so users can earn from watch/play/learn to without having to breed jpegs or spend any money.

But we are also fixing other issues such as fighter pay, corrupt fight judging and much more.

3) Tell us about the three core zones of your project. How does the ecosystem work?

Live – streaming aggregator to youtube, theta and more + major PPV events & original productions funded and hosted by DeHub and our token holders. While waiting for the next big release, you don’t even need to leave to flick onto youtube and eventually even Netflix and Amazon as we prepare bulk orders for them to rewards our holders with and grant extra features on our aggregator. Our token holder PPV events will ensure fighters of PPV events earn their fair share while ensuring no corrupt judges can change destinies. The only belt a fighter will feel pride in wearing in a few years is a belt that was won via a knockout, submission or unanimous token holder voted decision verified on-chain. Not a hand-selected panel of often questionable judges.

Making watch-to-earn accessible to all and fixing poor fight judgments and fighter pay + levelling the playing field on funding for originals – pitch your script to the community that will be watching it’s adaptation – not a board room

Tournetopia – Classic mini single/multiplayer games parsed over to blockchain allowing free play to earn of simple and fun games retail users are familiar with. Users can wager tokens and eventually will be able to compete in any game across any platform backed by live streams and decentralised dispute management. While we develop and fund AAA games that will take years and millions, these proven classics are much needed in crypto to appeal to the broad user base of retail, making play to earn access to all and using a novel token economy to fund free p2e

Token – Pioneered and unforked invention of our R&D team by combining and improving 3 proven token economies into 1 single ecosystem under 1 code with no external scripts. Token Holders will be the new fight night judges and board room decision-makers for events and motion picture production. The highly deflationary, reflective, multi rewarding & semi-auto buyback token ensures the ecosystem is forever sustained by users who have its best interest at heart.

We combined cutting edge tokenomics with a novel yet highly utile use case in a quest to solve major world problems and liberate an entire industry from the legacy shackles of yester-year

4) Can you share with us your tokenomics or should I say “Trikenomics”?

The trifecta of token economies, 3 successful and proven innovations in DeFi combined into one token with the real-world use case. Fully custom and written from scratch by our R&D team.

1) 2% Reflections to hodlers (Safemoon)
2) 4% Semi-auto buyback and burn (Everise)
3) 4% Multi token rewards (Hodl)
4) 2% to the Liquidity pool

5) The buyback aka Robin Hood system is a promising feature. This can aid in price control. Tell us in detail, why this model?

As pioneers in the future of finance, we were lucky to launch in a time of advancements where these amazing modifications to classic code can enable such awesome features such as the Robin Hood. It was chosen by our community

6) What is your marketing plan like for the next 2 months?

We have a month lined up with the amazing Blockcast which we aim to push to a long term partnership to start off with!

We’re in talks with a number of high profile athletes and celebrities about committing to PPV events on DeHub while we also have a showdown lined up for our very own Operation Director Mike Hales who is also an up and coming fighter touted for UFC being trained by the same team as Conor McGregor. An old rival of Mikes with a rematch clause ready to claim is currently being promoted by and is good friends with Jake Paul for his upcoming fight with Tommy Fury (also good friends of our DOP Mike and they spar together on sessions) – Anthony “pretty boy” Taylor vs Mike “pretty boy” Hales – fight for the stage name – coming to DeHub very soon.

We also have a number of key partnerships and endorsements to announce and you will be seeing us all over PPV events soon – starting right on BBC iPlayer next month

7) What other technology developments have you got?

Once our play, watch and learn to earn ecosystem is complete, users will be able to self-fund and host their creations be it art, music, film or media released directly on our platform and minted as NFTs enabling the creator to have full control, ownership and freedom of work while also launching in virtual reality cinemas. LPs would earn a % of NFT sales allowing the process to be transparent, trustless and immutable. Imagine owning revenue shares of NFTs from Billie Eilish’s first-ever recordings prior to her rocket to stardom. The next Billie will be backed on DeHub. The world is full of incredible talent but the ones that “make it” are dictated by their financial support or luck (in general) – Another issue DeHub fixes

8) Tokenomics seem to be the core revenue generator. Do you have any other revenue stream that we should look out for?

Streaming subscriptions, PPV events, Gaming events, original production releases and magnetization from publicity and social media of each production, NFTs from our own original productions and events, NFTicket sales to community-funded original productions, VR NFTs in collaboration with

9) Dehub DxSale is coming. Do you have any insights to share with us? How can we ape it?

Thanks, it’s live now! check it out on

We’ve set a high wallet allocation of 150BNB to save any Silverbacks having to make tens of wallets to participate and with our awesome tokenomics and Robin Hood feature, we do not sleep in fear of dumps or market manipulation as the ecosystem wins in the end.

10) We usually end off this segment with an inspiring quote. Can you share yours?

“Reach for the stars and if you fall you land of the clouds”

– My dad’s favourite quote which also happens to be a Kanye West Lyric.

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