Interviews MiniDoge “The World’s first Auto-Boost, Hyper Deflationary Coin”


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1) Please tell us more about yourself and your core team members at MiniDoge.

My name is Bill Spata, I am the CEO of DevTeamSix, the development team behind MiniDoge. We have been in cryptocurrency since 2011. We have built numerous software platforms as well as products and services across multiple industries.

My name is Nereus Noshirwani, I am the Community Director. I have about 6-7 years of experience in crypto as well as viral marketing. Our other team members include Eric Andersen, our Chief Technology Officer, he is the leader of the development side of the project. The rest of our members include Deven Hammond, CCO, Ebony McCray, CMO, and many others.


2) What is MiniDoge? Who is MiniDoge? What is your story?

MiniDoge is a cryptocurrency that focuses on real-world utility, a revolutionary MiniPets application, our unique autoboost function, and a one-of-a-kind community.

With Minidoge, every buy gives members more with the auto-boost and hyper deflation system in place. Our tokenomics, which are built into the contract, not only reward holders, but have also allowed us to donate $100,000 USD to charitable organizations only three weeks into our existence.

With MiniDoge, we are building a world class game for IOS and Android called MiniPets. In the game, users will be able to build as many pets as they would like. Each pet has a persona which will start in an animal shelter and build up from there. Within the game, every pet will live in DOGEWorld and all users will earn MiniDOGE tokens in the game by doing daily tasks, working a job, and completing daily responsibilities. Pets can buy upgrades such as clothes, food for building up attributes, and ever better jobs to earn even more MiniDOGE tokens every day!

The coolest part about the game is that every MiniPet that is created within the games becomes an NFT that is available for sale at any time. Users could hypothetically create the Elon Musk within DogeWorld and sell it as an NFT. This creates real intrinsic value within the game. Not only that, but once you have sold your NFT, you will collect a 15% royalty on it for the rest of its life!


3) How does autoboost work?

The autoboost is a unique function that buys back after every sale. This is done in order to maintain the stability of the price and ensure steady, healthy growth. The unique part about the boost is that it takes the 24-hour volume into account and buys back based on the daily volume.


4) Interesting “boost”! Can you share with me your tokenomics too?

On every buy, there is a 12% fee. 2% of this goes to our holders, 4% goes towards marketing/development, and 6% goes to the autoboost wallet.

On every sale, there is an 18% fee. 7% Goes towards reflections to holders, 4% goes to marketing/development, and 7% Goes towards the autoboost function.


5) How does Minipets work? Is this one of your revenue generators?

Absolutely! MiniPets will generate revenue from in-app purchases. You can also sign up for the minipets beta on


6) What is your collaboration with Lindsay Lohan like? We are excited to see celebrity A-listed endorsing crypto project!

Celebrities typically take interest in our project based on their own involvement in crypto. We are confident that as we continue to progress through development that more celebrities will adopt our platforms!


7) Who is the next celebrity that you may sign with? Or maybe crypto thought leader next?

We recently partnered with NASCAR, BTOK, and multiple exchanges. For celebrities, we are in talks with a handful but will not announce them until we have a full commitment.


8) What is your technology roadmap for the next 6 months?

MiniPets IOS and Android app will roll out. We also expect 10 MiniGames apps to launch on IOS and Android.


9) The whole crypto market is feeling heated up again. How do you see the crypto market especially the direction for bitcoin?

We are bullish. We believe Bitcoin will surpass 100,000 within the next 12 months.


10) Please share an inspiring quote with us.

“If we build it, they will come.” -Bill Spata

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