Interviews Demain Lee, CMO of NCT Token “Value of information”


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Blockchain technology holds promise to fix several shortcomings of the advertising ecosystem and bring on tons of additional positive outcomes.

With the help of blockchain, ad tech platforms can automate campaigns based on the specified set of rules. It also enhances the user experience with immediate rewards via cryptocurrency. Blockchain technology can demystify the advertisements in and outflow, in turn helping to tackle ad fraud and create more valuable campaigns, allowing companies to better deploy their advertisements focusing on their target audiences.

In this 1 hour interview, Jenny Zheng, co-founder of meets Demain Lee, CMO of NCT Token to talk about the value of information and blockchain + cryptocurrency opens up new opportunities for companies.


The two experts will talk about the following topics:

– About NCT Token

– What are the pain points NCT is trying to solve?

– How different are their business model compared to the rest?

– What are the funding plans ahead for NCT?

– What is the future of NCT?

– and more


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