Interviews Giovanni Rizzo, CMO of Doge Pepsi Soft Drink Token “The Future is Now.”


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1) Good day. Can you give an introduction of yourself- past experiences, past education and your Linkedin Profile if possible? On top of that can you tell us more about your core team?

My name is Giovanni Rizzo, I have a Bachelor’s Degree from Bocconi University and a Master’s Degree from Columbia in Finance. I am a manager in a multinational company and I am currently in China.

In the team, I am in charge of talking to investors and planning the marketing budget.

2) Tell us more about Doge Pepsi.

DOGEPEPSI project has been conceived and developed by a group of highly motivated people driven by a strong passion and knowledge of the crypto world. As part of the staff is
American, the project intends to merge the significant meaning of “Pepsi”, as a drink and global icon for people of all ages, and that of “Doge”, as a symbol of top-level token. Our aim is to achieve unprecedented and extraordinary results that no token has ever been
able to achieve, come on board and be part of the journey with us!

3) What is your tokenomics like? What are your unique selling points?

Buy —> 12% fees = 2% holders 4% marketing 6% autoboost
Sell —> 18% fees = 7% holders 4% marketing 7% autoboost

We try to protect our holders by giving them rewards and discouraging sellers.
Then we have a buyback function that allows us to keep a growing chart

4) What is your marketing plan like for the month of October?

In addition to this partnership, we have several Tiktokers, Youtubers, influencers from all the nations who follow us and who want to collaborate with us. So we strongly believe to grow and expand to all nations. Currently, we have come closer to the Asian, American, Italian and Turkish world.

5) Are you developing any tech alongside this token? What is planned?

Yes, we want to create our own NFT, our exchange and above all a platform for making presale. So we have many projects in mind and we want to make them all happen. We are now focusing on raising more investors

6) The “Charity” word came up 4 times on your roadmap. Why the focus in charity?

We strongly believe in plastic recycling and charity, so we have decided that part
of our profits will go to charity

7) In order to give, you got to make money. What are your streams of incomes planned for the token?

we have a wallet with a percentage of tokens (blocked for months) which will then be used to make some profits. But being that we believe in this project we have decided to keep it blocked for a few months

8) What are your plans for listing your project?

We have already been listed on several platforms including the most famous CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap.

We intend to list also in others when we have a solid base of holders so as not to generate pumps and dumps.

9) BNB has dropped a fair bit. This has affected many projects directly. How do you feel about this? How will it impact DogePepsi in the long run? How do you hedge it?

When BNB went down we went up, we believe that our marketing will still help even in the event that there will be some drops in other cryptocurrencies

10) Share an inspiring quote for our community.

We are not just a token, we are a big family that helps each other and confronts our investors every day. So if you invest in us you will enter our family

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