Interviews Jackson Mohr, CEO & Co-founder of Polkawar “Experience a new era of blockchain based gaming platform”


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1) Dear Jackson, thank you for stopping by Asia Blockchain Community. Can you please tell us more about yourself?

Hello, I’m Jackson Mohr, CEO & Co-founder of Polkawar. Thank you for having me on here. I graduated from the national university of Singapore in 2002 and I have many years of experience in the field of 2d & 3d game programming. Knowing the cryptocurrency market in 2016 as an investor, I have a lot of experience in the field of investment and management. I also have more than 5 years of experience in the field of blockchain programming. You can check me out at

2) Please tell us more about PolkaWar. What is your mission in this crypto space?

Polkawar is a decentralized fighting game platform on the blockchain network. Inspired by the NFT subfield, Polkawar will create a vivid fighting game world.

Players will build character systems with weapons and equipment with different levels, to engage in combat with other players; participate in quests in the game as well as buy and sell items in the marketplace.
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I wanted to create a 3D gaming platform, based on blockchain technology and NFT, to serve users. Through playing games, players are both entertained and they can earn money. That is the mission of PolkaWar.

3) Care to share more about your tokenomics? How will it make a difference to your project comparing to your peers?

PolkaWar tokenomics can be viewed on our website at

PWAR token holders can participate in Staking; Farming; Purchase items, weapons, equipment to participate in the game and vote for the development activities of the project.

As long as the project thrives and attracts many players, the project’s token value will always increase.

PWAR’s Tokenomics is allocated mainly to the platform and community, thus reducing selling pressure.

We also just launched a monthly PWAR 500k burn program to incentivize the growth of PWAR in the long term.

4) What are your marketing plans?

Marketing is an important and necessary side of every project. We have great staff that are working on marketing every day.

To expand the market and introduce our project to more people, we will regularly attend AMAs, meetings as well as online and offline events.

In the near future, we will be doing advertising campaigns through KOLs, airdrops and a giveaway campaign.

Of course, in the long run, you need to build a product, follow the roadmap, not just focus on marketing

5) What are your other revenue streams apart from the obvious from your tokenomics?

Our revenue comes from:
1. Transaction fees when players buy, sell and exchange items and characters
2. Revenue comes from selling NFT items (weapons and equipment)
As PolkaWar gains more players and is widely available, PWAR will increase in price even more. That makes an important contribution to the system’s revenue.

6) I saw mainnet, marketplace etc on your roadmap. Can you let us know more about your tech development roadmap?

First, take 2 minutes to watch our trailer just released

Our development roadmap is on track and everyone can also view that on our website.

The testnet is expected to launch in October or early November. All are in development.
You can check out the development on our github

In addition, we also have Flash Sale programs, NFT gift box auctions, lucky spins… monthly. Stay tuned at @polkawar

7) Tell us more about your upcoming game. What inspired the creation?

PolkaWar is a fighting role-playing game (RPG), using 3D graphics and developed on Unity platform.

We developed the fighting game to play either 1 on 1 or team vs team.

Polkawar’s character system will have 3 types of characters: Warrior, Magician, Archer. There are a total of 5 levels. Each level has a different hp, mp, XP, and attack stats.

Total equipment and weapons will have 10 types (sword, big knife, tessen, bow & arrow, gun, scepter, magic vase, armor, helmet, Wing), and there are 3 different levels. Each level has different hp, mp, damage, accuracy stats. You will use PWAR token, to buy and sell on the marketplace.

The higher level items will have a limited supply. You can only use stones to upgrade to higher items.

8) What are the upcoming partnerships that we should expect?

We already have many wonderful partnerships including:

ChinaPolka, BMW Capital, Yellow Road, Quiver X, Unifarm, Oddiyana, DAO Starter & Duck Starter.

We just integrated with our main partnership, PolkaBridge – a Defi Multichain & Cross-chain platform and we share support in marketing and development with them.

Last week we presented PolkaWar at the Defi & NFT World Show in Dubai and made a lot of important business relationships and we will be having meetings with some of these important companies over the next few weeks. We will continue to cooperate with many other partners to support the long-term development of the project

9) Can you tell me what is your listing plans like?

We are currently listed on, Bibox, Bilaxy, Hoo and of course available on PancakeSwap!

You can see here

Currently, we want to focus on product development first, after we have a finished product, it will be easier for us to list on major exchanges.

10) Kindly share an inspiring quote for our community. We want to learn from you.

I want to say: Never give up, no matter how great the difficulty, as long as we build and develop together, have will and patience, we will succeed.

Accompany and continue to support PolkaWar, you will receive worthy rewards in the near future.

Thank you and have a peaceful day

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