Interviews Mini Shiba Token “Big Boost & Buy Back Mechanism”


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1) Good evening from Singapore. Can you give an introduction of yourself?

Hello Blockchain! We are the Team behind Mini Shiba Inu, The Son of Shiba Inu. I am the founder (VC) and SEB is the cofounder of the project. Along with that, we have a strong core team of 10, as well as a full design team of 5 and a powerful group of mods that consist of 20-30 people.

2) Tell us more about Mini Shiba Inu. What drives you to start this token?

The main drive behind this project is to bring something new and exciting to the cryptocurrency space. We noticed how saturated the space was with so many doge “forks” and meme coins with little or no foundation behind them. The main pillar behind Mini Shiba is that his father SHIBA Token is a very successful project that reached a massive market cap of 10-15Billion.
So as a commemoration to him (SHIBA Token) and to provide a new opportunity to investors we gave him a “son” on the anniversary of that project.

The story goes…

Son of Shiba Inu, Mini Shiba was the runt of the litter and is now lost and has been fending for himself against the perilous dangers of the world. What Mini Shiba lacks in size he makes up for in fearlessness and heart 🐾 MiniShiba is built by a strong team of crypto experts that aim to build a sustainable, long-term token bringing innovative ideas into the crypto space. In addition, we focus on building a strong community of investors that are in it for the long run. Join MiniShiba now and become part of this revolution. We believe “Shiba Inu” to be the best of breed in the small to mid-cap cryptocurrency space and the natural evolution in the meteoric rise of the SHIBA TOKEN story. Well, he was bound to have a litter at some point, wasn’t he? The strength of ‘Mini Shiba Inu’ lies in its bloodlines, as we have integrated some of the key DNA from other major coins into our original cryptocurrency token.

Join our community and help us bring him to the Moon so he can reunite with his Father.

3) Can you tell our community about your tokenomics?

Our tokenomics have a total buy tax of 12% and a sell tax of 18%.

It includes a 6% buy and 7% sell tax which goes to our “ShibaBoost Protocol”, meticulously designed to provide a unique and automated system for our friendly buyback Shiba. A 2% buy and 7% Sell reflection tax, means the more you hold, the more tokens you get. And a 4% tax used for all marketing and charity purposes.

We had an initial 5% burn of our total supply, right off the bat.

4) Bitcoin’s upward trend is kind of bullish. This drives projects do to more. What are your marketing plans for August?

Our marketing plans have been ongoing and put into effect since the moment we launched. We had one of the fastest CMC and CGC listings ever seen in this space and we have been constantly delivering good marketing plans since then. Our August plans include a CERTIK security audit delivery on the 16th which will allow us to then market ourselves internationally. We will be advertising on BTOK front page and side pages starting on the 25th of august and all of that has already been paid for. Aside from that, we will trend in Dextools for a straight week as well as continue our influencer program which includes multiple celebrities promoting our token to 67million people.

5) What is your technology roadmap like? Are you planning to launch dapps or NFT platforms by this year? Can you tell us more about your Mini Shiba Reflector App?

All of that and more! Starting with our application that is currently in the early stages of development. It will be a Mini Shiba Reflector App, that will keep you on track with your all-time and your daily reflections. We plan to have more included in that app but we want to keep it a surprise for the sake of attracting new investors. We will also launch an awesome series and limited collection of Mini Shiba NFTs which you will be able to mint right off our website.

6) Your Beginner, Novice and Pro “packages” is interesting. Are these program your secret sauce to your success?

Of course, we have mentioned it since the beginning. We are a long-term project that is determined to reach beyond a 1B Market Cap and we have the necessary means and team behind it. To incentivize new investors we are showing them that if you have “enough” of our tokens, just with the reflections (more tokens added to your current ones) that are implemented in our tokenomics, you will be able to receive passive income and unimaginable joy as time goes.

7) In the longer run, what is your revenue model like?

We have a transactional revenue model and that has been implemented in our tokenomics. The 4% Marketing tax allows us to continue paying for developments in the project and so we feel very comfortable with that. Countless other Cryptocurrency projects, both tech-oriented and otherwise, strive to rely on the transactional revenue model, and for good reason too. This method is one of the most direct ways of generating revenue, as its experience because of its simplicity of already being implemented in the buy/sell tax of the token.

8) What are your user targets at the end of 2021? Any price indications?

Aside from attracting new investors in the Binance Smart Chain, we also want to bring all of those current investors of SHIBA Token. As time passes by the word is getting out there and people are starting to realize that SHIBA Inu had a son, MiniSHIBA, and we are fastly getting new investors from the Ethereum Network and are amazed at the opportunity of being early in a project of this scale. With their help and the strong foundation of our project, we will surpass that 1B Market cap and break barriers that have not been seen before.

9) What are your listings plans?

We want to go BIG, and that has been the plan since day one. In our initial total distribution, we included a 💠3% CEX Listings for all Major Exchanges which will allow us to get on those big exchanges such as Bitmart, Whitebit,, and many others. Most importantly, we aim to be listed in Binance, like his father SHIB Token did.

10) To end off this segment and proceed to live Q & A on text. Can you share an inspiring quote for our community members?

“Aim for service and success will follow” we believe that success comes to those who aim to serve first. Here at MiniShiba we aim to serve by bringing to life this incredible project and doing our absolute best to deliver on our end to make it become a multi-billion dollar asset that will be life-changing for all those who believe in it and become a part of it.

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