Interviews Nana Kwame Agyei Agyapong, Tech Enthusiast “You have to be unshakeable.”

nana blockcastcc
nana blockcastcc

 513 total views Hi all, this is Melody with you today. I have our good friend Nana here with us today. Morning, can you tell us more about yourself? Career, education, and hobbies.

Nana: I’m Nana Kwame Agyei Agyapong from Accra, Ghana. I was raised by a single mum with three siblings (females) and she’s always been, my first hero.

I completed one of the best universities in Ghana and Africa namely Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology as a physicist; geophysicist to be precise. As a  geophysicist, I’ve worked with the Petroleum Commission of Ghana, ENI, and Petroleum GeoService (PGS).

I’m a tech enthusiast and an event organizer. I like to always try new technologies, play games, and travel. Thanks for the kind introduction. Can you tell us us what you are working on now? What is ‘Wealth Secrets’?

Nana: Currently, I’m working on three things; that’s my career as a geophysicist, a project with Revelio Media (my event firm), and WealthSecrets. For Revelio, we want to improve the smartest event to make it more thrilling and insightful. The smartest event saw 2000 audience last year at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. Also, WealthSecrets is a global community for wealth creation and Technology. We have our podcast with different top guests on Tech topics like AI, Blockchain, VR, AR, Crypto, BigData, etc. We are working on a platform that will revolutionize wealth creation. Since this is a blockchain technology channel. We tend to ask this. Do you believe in blockchain technology? What use cases work best in your country?

Nana: Yes, I believe in blockchain technology.

Well, I can talk about a few.  For example, the government is piloting a project with Bitland to record title deeds in the Kumasi region using blockchain to reduce fraud and allow for more efficient mortgage lending. Not just Kumasi, other parts of Ghana are experiencing a revolution in land litigation with blockchain.

DHL is to make use of blockchain in supply and distribution. The banking sector can use blockchain to regulate payments of loans and authenticate deposits.

Globally, Blockchain will play a huge role in the democracy of countries. Recently there have been several fraud allegations labeled against the US and Ghana’s elections. Maybe blockchain can help bring some calmness by disrupting the current electoral process.

Also, I’m a firm believer that blockchain will do a lot to help automation and AI powered systems. Technologies work hand in hand. AI needs data function properly and blockchain secures data, even Big Data. Can you share with us what can cryptocurrency do for us? Is it going to be a bigger scam or stored value?

Nana: My problem with cryptocurrency is the number in space. Currently, there are about 8,191 cryptos which I think is a lot. The numbers keep adding up. The question is, is the world going to accept all these cryptos ?. Crypto will be a scam or store of value depending on who’s involved and the project/transactions involved. Scammers are everywhere and not just in the crypto space. People just have to be careful before they throw their money into any form of Crypto. People should avoid these get rich quick schemes attached to cryptos by scammers. Make more research about the project, know the people behind the project, is it just speculative? , the white paper and most importantly invest what you can afford to lose. Some cryptos are already serving as a store of value, major corporations like UNICEF accepted donations in BTC and ETH two years ago. Despite the skepticism attached to cryptos, the narratives keep changing gradually. We have seen the elites buying more of BTC and bulge bracket banks like JP Morgan changing their stance against cryptos. Do you hold any cryptocurrency? If yes, what do you hold? If no, why not?

Nana: Yes. Bitcoin, BNB, Tron, GlobalBoost and BCH What do you think of Bitcoin? Its value has shot up so much since its beginning. What do your friends in Ghana think of this cryptocurrency?

Nana: With Bitcoin, I still think it is in its early days. Most crypto enthusiasts anticipated price will be bullish after the halving in May 2020. I guess it’s only started. But people have to tread with caution since the Crypto market is volatile. If you think of long-term, you can get in when then the price corrects itself. We’ve seen different governments gradually softening their stance against crypto. In Ghana, a lot of people are still confused about crypto. Some are also skeptical due to fraud, but, the crypto community is gradually catching up. We have Binance Ghana now and other exchanges such as Zwich FX owned by a Ghanaian. We have talked about blockchain technology so far. What other technologies (eg AI, IoT, etc) do you believe in, and where does it fit your daily life?

Nana: I’m a big fan of AI, VR, and AR. I was glad to partner with the Swiss Cognitive, the global AI hub in Zurich, and top VR companies like Rumii of Doghead Simulations. In my everyday life, AI assists in research, speech to text, I challenge AI in FIFA, AR in Snapchat and IG, etc.

I am working on including VR in my project with Revelio Company Limited. It’s the next computing platform. Although mass adoptions have been slow, the world will eventually move to the “experience world” with AR, MR, XR, and VR playing huge roles. What you have mentioned sounds fun. Let’s get us to involve too.

We have also been active in the Africa markets since 2017 on technology education. We felt that education on technology development is lagging. What else can be done to help this market in your opinion?

Nana: I think there should be more partnerships with tech brands and African firms. More events should be organized and more tech communities should be created. When such communities become stronger, it can have effects on the policies of the government. Some members of these communities might be serving in high positions or have allies in government positions and can lobby through these connections.

How Crypto can change my country: looking at the current strength of Ghana cedis it’s not too good. It depreciated by 3.9% to the US dollar in 2020. which is not so cool. Can Ghana switch to digital currency? I think it’s possible. Ghana can go digital. it could be a mere digital currency or crypto-backed by Gold. Ghana is highly known for gold. that’s the only way we can bridge the gap. I suggested this on 9th March 2017. We have seen China’s digital currency still making some progress although it’s not crypto like Bitcoin and recently Bank for International Settlements and seven central banks published a framework for central bank digital currencies or CBDCs. It indicates what’s to happen in the future. Is Ghana going to be left behind again? The choice is ours. To end off our interview, can you share with us an inspiring quote for our readers?

You have to be unshakeable. The world is full of uncertainties, but you need to develop yourself to have power and peace of mind in the world of uncertainties. Be calm amidst the storms of life and know you can win if you want to. For when it goes wrong, you learn to win. Thanks for your time Nana. For more interviews, go to This is Melody, see you soon.

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