Interviews Sang Lee, Co-founder and President of Konstellation Korea “Creating a global infrastructure for the future of the decentralized capital markets.”


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1) Welcome Sang Lee to Asia Blockchain Community this evening. Hi Sang, can you please tell us more about yourself. Please share with us more information about your core team too.

My name is Sang Lee and I am the co-founder and President of Konstellation Korea, which is the core development entity of Konstellation Network. My co-founder is Natasha Bansgopaul and she is primarily based on the east coast of the United States. Our amazing team is globally distributed across the United States, Europe, and Asia including India.

We are a group of passionate DeFi builders and degens looking to build the future of the new capital markets by promoting the interoperability of all blockchain protocols.

2) Can I know what is Konstellation Network? What is your USP?

Konstellation Network is a L2 protocol built on Cosmos SDK designed to become the interoperability layer for all blockchain-based capital markets. We believe that the future lies in a protocol interface that will allow for the seamless interfacing between assets and smart contracts whereby the end investor and user doesn’t have to worry about transaction costs or composability.

Unlike many other protocols, we will focus not only on one technology but an expansive worldview that will allow us to build a harmonious network of protocols.

3) I notice there are a few brands and functions in your ecosystem. What is Alkemy, VegaX, Photon Gateways and Taebit?

While we are still waiting for the official launch announcements for various initiatives, we are contributing to different dApps and protocols that will enhance the composability of the DeFi capital markets by focusing on making the issuance of news assets easier, the transfer between chains easier and the management of these assets as easy as possible for investors.

To just tease a few concepts, Konstellation Korea is contributing to Alkemy, a protocol that will allow for the usage of DARC to invest into synthetic assets that would otherwise be very difficult to access. Taebit is a new project that we will also be supporting to create a globally accessible DEX interface for censorship-resistant trading with an emphasis on seamless stablecoin usage. To be clear these decentralized protocols are part of the Konstellation Network ecosystem and will contribute to the various use cases of DARC, and while we may be major contributors to it, will still continue to rely on the decentralized community for development and community growth.

4) What is your technology and product roadmap like? What should we expect in the near future? Tell us more about your mainnet.

We have recently launched our mainnet after many months of testing and testnet. Even while the mainnet has been launched we would still call it the Beta mainnet as we expect many upgrades coming in the future. While we are also working on various modules to enhance the usability of Konstellation Network, Cosmos SDK is also being upgraded at the same time and the IBC development is ongoing. This will require that these things are continuously worked on as we move forward.

Additionally, as we previously mentioned the interoperability of Konstellation Network with other chains and upgrading Konstellation Network as the interoperability between different chains is the primary focus of future development. Concurrently, we are continuously contributing to projects that will be utilizing DARC and enhancing the value of DARC for token holders.

5) What are your marketing plans for the next 3 months?

As we officially kick off our plans for liquidity we will continue to market to both the Asian as well as English speaking markets that will also be our core user base for the network and the dApps for the network like Alkemy and Taebit.

Social media is going to be a strong focus while also sharing our mission and roadmap with the most important press channels and working with great partners like We continue to rely on the support of our community for the best part of our growth.

6) Care to share with us where are your streams of revenue coming from? What is your revenue structure like?

The network has various ways to generate revenue for token holders the first will be staking for yield. The validator nodes will earn yield directly and others will be able to delegate to the node that they choose. Also, the other uses such as synthetic assets and decentralized trading will be routes to generate additional revenue using DARC.

Konstellation Korea as an entity will be running validator nodes on Konstellation Network and also participating in the various use cases using DARC.

7) Defi has been revolutionizing, some say this is a future product and my community felt that your product is ahead of time. Am I wrong in saying this? Tell us your perspectives, please.

We believe that the DeFi revolution is just starting and we’ve really seen the very tip of the iceberg. We believe that Konstellation Network will play a critical role in the infrastructure of the DeFi capital markets as different chains, tokens and protocols are still fragmented and exist within their own silos. Only the most technically savvy really have the ability to fully take the benefit of what is happening in the markets today. Konstellation Network is ahead of the times as we aren’t just focused on short term returns/yields, but rather the core infrastructure that’s going to be critical in making blockchain investing actually accessible for the billions of people all around the world.

8) Based on your profile, you seem to be located in the U.S. Are you planning to do more in Asia? What are your plans?

As mentioned we are globally distributed and do a lot of work in Asia as well. We are going to continue to expand in Asia both from business development as well as our team growth. We believe that Asia from a talent perspective and from a market growth perspective still represent the biggest opportunities.

9) The crypto market is bullish. How will this impact on your business positively?

We have been through the mega bull and mega bear environments which ironically all have their pros and cons. The Crypto market being bullish is of course a generally positive trend as the investment environment heats up and the industry needs more infrastructure to be able to meet the needs of investors.

As more protocols and DeFi projects are arising, interoperability will also become key for users. At the same time, the bull markets definitely put stress on protocols (such as Ethereum) which further reinforces the importance of interoperability and which protocols will lead the future in their own representative verticals.

10) To end this segment, can you share an inspiring quote for our community members?

The blockchain revolution is just starting and it’s definitely not too late to get involved if you are still thinking about it. Decentralized financial systems will be the beginning of a new global paradigm where trustless smart contract-driven systems will drive our day-to-day lives and you still have the opportunity to get in and the ground level to help build it. If you’re interested, definitely reach out!

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