Interviews Underminegold “A gamefi project integrating NFT + Defi”


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1) What is Underminegold? Who founded Underminegold, where are you from and why this name?

Underminegold is the name of a game-fi, which is founded by our team. I’m from China. The reason why we choose this name is that it can vividly show our game. In Underminegold, players become miners and they can go to the underground world to mine for gold.

2) What are your tokenomics like?

When you buy in token or transfer token, it doesn’t charge.
When you sell token, you need to pay 10%.
Our token will be the core of the GameFi and DeFi.
We can use token to exchange and auction NFT to buy blind boxes and buy core props.

3) What is Underminegold’s GamFI? Tell us more.

Fi is short for financial. GameFi is a kind of game where players can gain money through playing games. It contains NFT and DeFi. It builds a whole world that is full of adventure and fortune. In UnderMineGold, players can buy interesting blind boxes by using our token, UMG, and then players get special characters of miner. They can go to the dungeons to explore and mine.

4) Can you share with us some of the key features of this game?

First, it creates a virtual world full of adventure and fortune with vivid scenes and plots.

Second, it has a random blind-boxes system. There are all kinds of blind boxes for players to choose from. Different boxes contain different surprises. Random can arouse a player’s interest. Randomly choosing different blind boxes is like drawing a lottery or raffle.

Thirdly, players can buy blind boxes using their token. Every deal is done by token, which will in turn make the value of our token increase.

5) What is your marketing plan like for the next 3 months?

First, we will continue launching advertisements on several well-known platforms, such as CMC and CG. We have already got in touch with them.

Second, we will find some famous and reliable communities, especially those with strong purchasing power, to popularize and boost our project.

Third, we will hire some superstars to stand for us.

Lastly, we will find Internet celebrities on Twitter or Weibo, letting them post some information about our project to increase our popularity.

6) In terms of game developments, what should we be expecting next? Also, share with us about your technical system.

We have a professional technical team. We have a group of developers who are in charge of the development of smart contract and game. We have game numerical designers who are in charge of the design of numerical value. We have game art designers who are in charge of the design of miner characters.

Through this game, our token will keep a balance between output and consumption. More token will be burnt, which can decrease the amount of current token to protect the value of our token.

Because of the “mystery box” system, you can expect randomly delicate miners. Besides, we are going to openly auction twelve original miners.

7) Please share with us your revenue streams.

There will be two parts. First, every time when you sell out the token, there is a 4% charge going to the marketing wallet.

Second, in the UndermineGold, players need to spend BNB buying some props.

8) What are your plans for Asia? What is your focus in Asia?

Now we have already had a large community, and most of our outstanding community managers are from Asia. We are going to develop a larger community in Asia. We plan to cooperate with other communities by AMA. In the future, we will put our focus on Japan and Korea.

9) What kind of partnerships do you have in the pipeline?

We have already made partnerships with about 10 communities in China. We have also cooperated with some internet celebrities from Twitter, TikTok, Weibo and so on.

10) Kindly share an inspiring quote for our community members. We love to learn and be inspired.

UMG to the moon!