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1) Thanks for coming by to Asia Blockchain Community. First, please share some information about yourself, Alex and your team. 

We are currently 9 amongst the team. All of us are French from Paris.

The team is composed of:
– 3 developers who graduated from a renowned engineering school, Epita. They were all classmates
– 1 graphic designer
– 1 person for the marketing
– 1 person for social media
– 1 person for accounting
– 2 business angels

The business angels gathered us as part of the WallStreet Jackpot project. We are all passionate about cryptocurrencies and are very knowledgeable.

WSJ is our first project. The business angels have already invested in many projects before this one and brought their expertise with them.

2) What is Walletstreet Jackpot all about?

By investing in our project, you automatically receive dividends in BNB every 60 minutes if you possess more than 200,000 tokens.

We love the idea of dividends because it allows cryptocurrencies to fall closer to real life. Indeed, it follows the same idea as company shares, where you buy shares and receive dividends, according to the company’s performance.

However, every project that offers dividends is also subject to weaknesses. The main problem is the following: the dividends paid outcome from the fees received on each transaction. The contract automatically sells the fees received to pay out the dividends to the investors.

In this case, when there are not enough investors, it is expected that the daily volume might fall, which impacts the amount of the dividends paid out. A fall in the amount paid in dividends might disincentivize investors who might pull out of the project, which is normal.

To overcome this, we thought of an innovative solution (even revolutionary) that would maintain the daily volume to guarantee the highest dividend payout to the investors. Therefore, investors will not pull out of the project.

As you might already know, the solution is the jackpot mechanism. This mechanism comes from the EURO MILLION transnational lottery widely popular in Europe.

3) Can you tell us more about the Wallstreet Jackpot Mechanism?

How does this mechanism work, and why it would maintain the daily volume?

First and foremost, there are transaction fees destined to the Jackpot Pool; this mechanism exists to attract new investors and whales.

Transaction fees:
– 6% BNB dividends
– 6% Jackpot Pool
– 4% Marketing
– 2% Liquidity

For example, if we have $1,000,000 worth of volume during the first day, there would be $60,000 dividends paid out and $60,000 poured in the Jackpot Pool. 60%, being $36,000 of the Jackpot Pool, would be the prize to be won among 3 winners, the draw being done every 24 hours.

The 40% left will not be shared among the winners because we want it to stay in the Jackpot pool, have at least a minimum amount in it for future draws, and guarantee the project’s longevity.

4) What are the rules to your jackpot?

To participate in the draws, one needs to have tickets. You obtain tickets once you invest a certain amount into the project. Every purchase of 0.1BNB (+/- 10%) generates 1 ticket for the draw, and it can be cumulative. The ticket is generated according to the number of BNB invested and is not based on the number of tokens bought.

You can generate tickets as much as you want without any cost.

Indeed, you invest 0.1BNB (+/- 10%), you obtain a ticket. When the price increases and you are in the green, you can pull out your investment at any time while keeping your ticket to participate in the draw. You can also reinvest to obtain additional tickets, with no limit.

Thanks to this innovation, we are convinced that investors and whales will be incentivized to participate in the Jackpot pool and win the first prize.

Imagine if the volume was $5,000,000 or $10,000,000, the first prize would come up to $18,000 but could go up to $90,000 or $180,000.

Also, the 2% fees added to the liquidity will reassure the whales because the market will be more and more stable once the liquidity would be significantly high.

This is our project, and nobody had similar projects before. We are the first and only ones to offer such a revolutionary project.

5) Next, tell us more about the security of your jackpot.

Our jackpot system is completely secure because everything is automatic and there can be no cheating.

One draw every 24 hours with a minimum of 10BNB in the prize pool.

After each draw, winners must go to our app to collect their winnings.

for example, for our first draw, one winner won the first prize of over 6BNB.

This winner also makes a video for us.

If you don’t collect, those winnings will stay there until the winner comes to claim them and no one else can touch them.

There are also 2 other winners, but they have not come to collect their winnings yet. We notice that they have sold their token.

6) Care to share with us your tokenomics, transaction fee & distribution?

– Burn 7.8%
– Contest Reward 5%
– Dev wallet 3%
– Presale/PCS 84.2%
Transaction fees:
– 6% BNB dividends
– 6% Jackpot Pool
– 4% Marketing
– 2% Liquidity

7) What is your marketing roadmap?

At this time, we have done, 9 Twitter influencers, 17 Youtube influencers, more than 20 different TG Channel posts. Dextool trending within 2 hours after launch. We have also applied to be listed on CoinGeoko. More AMA and influencers on Twitter & Youtube

8) Please tell us more about your technology development and new products in the pipeline?

For now, there is no burn mechanism.

We have multiple ways in which we could burn tokens:
– Create a similar lottery system proposed by PancakeSwap
– Create a betting platform where you could bet with tokens
– Create a real EURO MILLION, which would function apart from the Jackpot. You could buy grids yourself with your tokens.

All of those ideas will lead to the destruction of tokens very easily.

9) Listing is another key milestone. Not all exchanges accept gambling projects. What is your plan like? Tell us more.

Exchanges are here to help facilitate our users with their transactions. We honestly haven’t thought about it yet indeed. But we will certainly try our best to be listing on the best exchange available for us.

10) An inspiring quote from you will inspire our community. Share that with us too.

Join us to get automatic dividends and a chance to win the jackpot prizes.

“Win to be inspired”

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