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1) Andrej, please let us what is Wojak Finance all about?

Wojak is one of the most recognizable memic characters in the crypto world, named after the Polish word for soldier. As it is a deflationary token, the value will gradually increase based on the number of transactions made.

Therefore, the more Wojak tokens users hold and donate, the more reward they can expect.

2) Tokenomics is one of the core items for any project. Tell us more about it.

This is what I can say. We are sincere people and working hard. This could be a small difference from the rest. Our tokenomics are as such:

Buy/Transfer Fees = 5%
– 2% Liquidity
– 1% Rewards Wallet
– 1% Marketing Wallet
– 1% Reflection

Sell Fees = 7%
– 3% Liquidity
– 2% Rewards Wallet
– 1% Marketing Wallet
– 1% Reflection

3) What are WOJ core values and key features?

We are proud of our shared vision, which was created by and for the people. We support each other and other groups when having a good time.

We openly exchange information with the public. We’re well-organized, well-coordinated, and we’re all pulling in the same direction.

The future is upon us, and we are prepared. We weigh the consequences of any action we make, and we are dedicated to a long-term strategy.

4) What is your roadmap like?

Phase 1 Project Ideation
Token creation Litepaper Creation Form Core Team Smart Contract Audit

Phase 2 Website launch (
Token launch The official launch of our telegram bot Creating a free online course on Risk management Releasing our White paper

Phase 3 BSCScan token profile verification
Listing WOJ on Coingecko and Coinmarket cap Listing on wallets like Trust Wallet Development of WOJ NFTs Expanding the ecosystem to Polygon and Ethereum networks Development of WOJ Bridge

Phase 4 Development of Wojak Finance
Transforming into a DAO – WOJ Governance Launching our open-source online learning platform Launch our new subscription-based educational platform Official Launch of WOJ NFTs for distributing rewards Build social media and build a social media management team.

Phase 5 Expansion
Develop bridge protocol Expand to ETH/MATIC and others Create Smart DeFi token launcher Create Token/LP locker Create and host cross-token volume war multi-tier tournaments

5) Users are always asking for listing plans. What’s yours?

We are always on the look out for listing. In fact, we are just listed on Hotbit. Our community is growing excitingly as we speak right now. Of course, $WOJ tokens are listed in PancakeSwap too.

6) Can you tell us more about your WOJ Governance?

Our long-term objective is to turn into a Decentralized Autonomous Organization through WOJ Governance. We believe that by placing Wojak finance directly under the control of the community, the ecosystem will work autonomously through community-driven decisions. Wojak finance is non-custodial. The users will have full control over the activities and changes in the platform. The WOJ community is a comprehensive, straightforward, and worldwide model for the coordination of all traders. It will carry superpowers to our Community.

  • Users can advance their thoughts as a proper proposal, and the WOJ holders can vote.

  • The voting power will be decided on the number of tokens they hold.

  • WOJ holders can delegate their voting power to other members that they wish to.

  • When the voting period is completed, the proposal can be accepted or rejected by the votes.

Hence, instead of sending funds manually, we plan to automate it, and WOJ Governance will be used for it.

At Wojak finance, we are aware of how self-driven online communities are changing the way we live. Every day, people share and discuss innovative ideas and thoughts within those communities. But we wanted to transform all that energy into actually shaping the future. Therefore the Wojak ecosystem will become a transparent and inclusive model for the coordination of the community members. The WOJ Governance will bring superpowers to our WOJ charity ecosystem, as everyone collectively works towards improving and developing the platform, which yields expected benefits throughout the ecosystem.

All proposals are dependent upon a 3 days voting period, and an address with voting power can decide in favour of or against the proposal. On the off chance that a larger party and no less than 400,000 votes are projected for the proposal, it is lined in the Timelock and can be executed after 2 days.

7) What is your donation process?

Once we receive your application, our community members can access the applications. They can donate to you if they wish to. Also in the future, we will automate the whole process via Governance.

8) I know you want to provide free courses to educate traders. How does that work?

We are providing the community with free courses on core concepts of trading like risk management, using proper leverages, trading psychology, and so on… On completion of the full course, he/she can get our limited edition NFTs as rewards. This course is completely designed to spread knowledge on Crypto derivatives trading. And it is completely free and open-source so that anyone can make use of it.

9) Do you believe right now is the alt season?

I believe the alt season is coming. You can see the market getting heated up in bitcoin and now towards the core altcoins. I can feel that is coming soon. When it comes, it will drive innovation to the next level.

10) Our community would be motivated to hear from you. Tell us an inspiring quote, please.

Sure, this is what I have come out with.

“Life swings like a pendulum backwards and forward between pain and boredom but in crypto, there isn’t a dull day.”

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