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1) Dear Jeffrey, thank you for coming by. Can you please introduce yourself. Tell us more about what you have done before. If possible, please share with us about your core team members too.

I run a residential home business and a Mining farm. business by trade and crypto by hobby/passion. I came to the Cryptobulls through the Safemoon community. Many investors first got into Defi through Safemoon and that community is how we all came to know each other. We decided to first just start another group to focus on finding legitimate projects to invest in, but it has grown from there to what you now see today.

Along the way, everyone got tired of the rug pulls in scams there are so prevalent in Defi right now. So we decided to create our own project to provide a legitimate option with long term goals.

So we are a community of investor and business professionals that came together to create a better option

2) What is CryptoBulls? What is your mission?

Our mission at Cryptobulls is to provide value to our holders by bringing innovative products to market and implementing them in revolutionary ways. We have partners ranging from Business owners partnering for the Crypto POS system to artists and musicians participating in the NFT platform. Our goal is to bring the blockchain’s power and technology to everyday life and help these businesses integrate it into their operations.

3) What are the key features of CryptoBulls?

Our 2 major products coming to market soon are the Crypto Point of Sale merchant system and our NFT Platform/Marketplace. Both of the products are being implemented in ways that have never been done before. For the POS, We are focusing on individual cities to start and providing on the ground support to help them integrate crypto into their day to day operations.

The NFT Marketplace will work with artists, musicians, and photographers on the ground and throughout the digital Ecosystem. Bringing in art galleries and tattoo shops all the way to online influencers making NFTs.

4) Can you share with us what is your tokenomics like and how it works?

Our tokenomics are an 11% fee with 7% LP and 4% reflections to the holders. That will change to 3% total once we get ready to implement the POS System.

5) NFT is still one of the hottest topics. Can you tell us what is in your NFT playbook?

Our NFTs will consist of art from real-life artists, music, photography, digital art, tattoo shops, and art galleries. Galleries will sell their art through them, Musicians will retain ownership of their music, and everyone will get to enjoy our NFT platform.

We are working with art galleries, artists, tattoo shops, etc in Miami. Our goal is to bring Blockchain technology to real businesses and individuals

6) Marketing is key to all projects. Please share your marketing plans for Q4 2021.

Marketing will consist of AMAs with reputable groups such as yours, social media advertising, publications such as Yahoo News, billboards, and listings on different exchanges. We had many team members come down with Covid for about 3 weeks, but now our products are just about done and we are ready to push marketing.

7) I see that you have added merch store onto your website. This is a good revenue stream as the community gets bigger. Do you have any other revenue streams that you can share?

Along with the merch store, we will be bringing out a clothing line (I won’t spill the beans on that), bringing out our plan to purchase BTC ATM machines, developing some games and applications, and working with other NFT use cases.

8) Are there anything about the technology side of things that you want to share with us? Any new tech developments and deployment?

Our IT team is amazing and I would do them a disservice if I attempted to explain their wonderful work. I can tell you that we have already started our closed Beta for the NFT platform and locked in some great partners for the POs system.

9) CEXes may be a problem when listing with tokens with reflections. What plans do you have for listing?

We have a few listings that we are looking at from the Fegex to a few others that can handle reflections.

10) Share an inspiring quote with us, please. Our community members like to learn more from you.

We aspire to be more than a Jack of all Trades, but Master of none. We focus on a few goals at a time to efficiently and effectively accomplish them before moving onto our next goals. Our next line of products will be brought out with the same focus and fervour you see from us now.

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