Speaks with Patty Arro, Community Manager of Game Credits “Developing a decentralized metaverse game in collaboration with a community of creators.”


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1) Glad to see you here. Can you tell us more about yourself and introduce us to your team members too?

I’m Patty, I’m an experienced community manager. I started working in the crypto space since 2018 and have managed different industries in crypto like agriculture, web security, real estate, gambling, social media, etc. that’s too many to mention.

2) Please walk us through, what is Game Credits all about.

GAME CREDITS is the original gaming cryptocurrency, with an NFT platform that’s the start of something big. Follow along as we develop a decentralized metaverse game in collaboration with a community of creators. Together, we are building a strong technology and governance framework that will lead to a 100% community-managed metaverse that exists 100 years and beyond.

3) What are the components of the GAME Credits Platform?

v1.0 – Rewards Portal

Players stake GAME tokens on games they are actively playing, games reward players with NFTs and/or GAME tokens, pooled platform fees are shared with developers.

v1.0 – Exchange

  • Use GAME to BUY and SELL user owned game items (ERC-721-NFTs)

v1.0 – Explorer

  • View your own collection of user owned in game items or packs.
  • Gift items, packs or tickets from your collection to a friend.
  • View or Replenish your Ticket or GAME balance.

v1.0 – Foundry

  • Mint Final in game items.
  • Mint Test items during early stages of development.

V2.0 – Esports Tournament system

Enter trustless tournaments with other players.
Receive tournament prizes from the entrance pool.

Verifiably fair gaming tools, such as a Random Number Generator.

4) Care to tell us your previous marketing campaigns and what other marketing activities have you planned for the rest of the year?

We’ve been working silently on behind the scene for quite a while to create/build the metaverse that we want to build and make the community enjoy playing within worlds

5) Tell us more about your GAME Credits Marketplace. What other revenue streams do you have apart from this? Tell us more about your staking, NFT marketplace and more please.

As a user, you have the ability to browse and purchase a wide variety of NFTs on the GAME Credits Platform. You can purchase NFTs directly from creators by visiting their creator pages. You can also buy NFTs and sell NFTs you have previously purchased on the GAME Credits Marketplace. All transactions on the GAME Credits Platform occur in GAME Credits’ native cryptocurrency GAME. For more information, see our detailed guides on buying NFTs from creators and buying and selling NFTs on the GAME Credits Marketplace.

6) What technology development plans do you have installed for us?

Our very own metaverse, Genesis, which we will launch on Oct. 28. This is something we want you to be involved in, hence, participating in AMAs and initiating airdrops!

7) Do you have any further plans to list the project on more exchanges?

The team is continuously looking for the right dance partner in terms of an exchange. Though right now we have multiple platforms that support GAME, the goal is still to reach more people and provide convenience to acquire GAME.

8) What are you plans in Asia in terms of business expansion?

Asia has been drastically and impressively developing in cryptospace. Game Credits team has assigned an individual to search and start partnerships within the region of Asia and Pacific. We’re looking forward to have more collaborations in east part of the world!

9) The crypto market is looking bullish with BTC hitting $60k this week. How do you feel about this and how would this impact on your current business?

The team doesn’t rely much on the prices of BTC, but it surely affects other altcoins as well. Game Credits has a long term plan for the project and most importantly for the community.

10) To end this segment, kindly share an inspiring quote for our community members.

Good enough is never good enough. There’s always a room for something to create, develop or build.

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