Blockchain Interview Series: Benedict Rutherford, Developer of Evergreen Token “Invest and save the Earth.”


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1) For starters, can you give a brief introduction of yourself and your core teammates?

My name is Benedict Rutherford. I am the developer of Evergreen token and I have been in the crypto field or developing field for over 4 years now. I have so worked on other projects too that are successful.

The core team members are Michael Arthur: my best friend in the crypto field. I get him involved in all my projects because of the trust he and his large community has in me.

Also John Ruby, he is the CEO and also the fundraiser + the backbone behind the Evergreen token .

We also have other teammates but these are the core ones

2) Evergreen can you explain how it became the token it has become, what your plans are moving forward and how it will impact the earth as a whole?

Initially, we never had this thought of tree planting because we wanted to embark on meme token. The initial name we had for this token was Evergreendoge, seeing so many doge tokens all around competing with each other without any utility. We had to go back again and thought of something useful that will make our token different from others .so we came up with tree planting and we removed the doge and named it Evergreen token.

Our plans of moving this token forward are huge, at first, we needed to create the trust first by having our KYC done with Pinksale to make the investors believe that we are here for the long term and also giving them the confidence that their funds are safe .this is the core thing every project should do and when you achieve this trust, I believe there is nothing to prevent the project from going forward.

The impact evergreen token will have on earth is quite huge. We all know the benefit of trees and also how some governments have implemented tree planting to their schemes. Given the current climate crisis that the whole world is facing, there has never been a more important time to care about our environment. The COP26 summit, where world leaders gathered to discuss this crisis, highlighted the need for urgent action to be taken to protect our planet and to solve this issue. Evergreen will play a big role with a mission of planting over 100 million trees

3) Can you tell us about your tokenomics and the fees structure? Can you explain auto farming to us?

The tokenomics is quite simple and favourable to both the investors and the project too. We had an initial burn of 18% from a total supply of 1000 trillion tokens .so with the fee or taxes assigned in the contract, we have it that 6% goes to every holder including the burn address as reflections based on the amount you are holding and also 2% goes to the liquidity pool to contain large transactions.2% goes to marketing and tree planting funds which are used to sustain the project and also our mission of planting trees.3% goes to the auto buyback and burn wallet, this fund is used to buy back tokens to help maintain the chart when there are big sells

About auto farming: auto farming simply means earning more tokens in your wallet without staking in a pool or a vault.

That’s also a name for redistribution or reflections to holders.

4) Run us through the marketing activities that you have done and planned.

For the marketing activities done so far. We are already listed on coin market cap and coin gecko to expand our exposure

We also listed on FEG Exchange. We had so many shout out by various influencers and call communities to gain more exposure.

Currently, we have featured in many news outlets across Europe including Yahoo Finance Benzinga and many news outlets across Europe.

Fox –



EverGreen: Invest and save the Earth

And for future marketing plans, we plan on listing in many exchanges with Coinsbit listing confirmed to happen anytime soon

We also plan on sealing many partnerships with world environmental agencies and tree-planting organizations to help in our mission and also spread our news to the world
And many more to come

5) Being a crypto-tech company, can you tell us what is your technology and development roadmap?

Our road is carefully scheduled and with our current progress, you can see we are really following up with what we have set up. Specifically, we base on tree planting as stated in our road map

6) In order to do good, you need to generate revenue. Where are your revenue streams coming from?

Our revenue stream comes from various sources which include the marketing fee tax, the marketing wallet and personal donations from the team members

So with these sources, we can’t run out of funds to maintain the project

7) How do you decide where you plant the trees?

Like we mentioned our main focus is in areas affected by deforestation which includes the Philippines, Indonesia and most parts of Africa and Europe and also Asia.

To select these regions, when we make donations to tree planting organizations we give the order on the areas we want these trees planted and they also give us feedback after our trees are been planted

8) I see your listing with Coinsbit. Are you planning more listings in the near future? Who will they be with?

Yes Coinsbit listing is confirmed and settled and we expect the listing any day from now after we have successfully completed and met up with their terms

We are also in talks with Whitebit, Bitmart and These listings will come one after the other

9) What are your plans for Asia?

Asia Is part of the world 🌎 and we are not excluding them from our mission. We will sure be planting more trees in Asia and Africa because they really need this and also Asians like anything that has to do with nature. I believe our services will be more appreciated in Asia over every other continent.

10) Share an inspiring quote with us. We love to be inspired.

We believe in changing the world through things that have to do with nature.

Though tree planting may look common it has a huge impact on the world and we believe one day the world will look back to this token and say a big thank you to Evergreen token project.

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