Exclusive Interview with Jen, CEO of VaultDeFi “Re-Imagining the Possibilities of Decentralized Finance”


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1) Dear Jen, thanks for coming by. Can you tell us more about yourself?

I am CEO of VaultDeFi and I am a Toronto based blockchain researcher, specializing in both public and private blockchain optimizations and integrations. I am currently working as a S&M Enterprise consultant for the Canadian Federal Government specializing in global procurement integrations. Cryptocurrency and digital asset management have been an easy transition to my consulting firm and specialities as the global world is more and more open to the adoption of this form of personal finance. I entered the crypto market in 2016 with my first Bitcoin purchase and I have never looked back…even after the crash! I have found love in decentralized finance and fintech based companies complying with 20022 standards coming to the market. Joining the development team of VaultDeFi was an easy adaption to myself covering digital assets and regulation throughout my many specialities. VaultDeFi houses many crypto financial products which provide multiple double compounding features to an existing asset. I waited for my whole career for a project like this, with this team of beautiful people with like minds and kind hearts, making the move and committing to the long term plan of bridging DEFI with mature portfolio development was really easy.

2) The community would love to find out more about Eric and Mike too. Please share more information about them.

Eric is a Co-Founder here at VaultDeFi and his expertise in many areas of life have come together to assist in running and managing VaultDeFi. Eric comes from a world of Realtors and excels in customer service along with community and project management. He has been involved in Crypto for over one year now but recently devoted all of his time to studying and learning about decentralized finance. Himself along with a few other brilliant minds decided to, come together, make the right connections, and look to change the world. His love and passion for decentralized finance really show when he speaks and with an incredible team by his side, VaultDeFi has the ability to positively impact the lives of millions. His understanding of the way smart contracts work along with his ability to comprehend and teach new innovative ideas and technologies makes him an asset to any team.

Mike is also a Co-Founder of VaultDeFi and his experience of being an elementary teacher really shows his importance here. He is leading our Academy department in bringing quality education to DeFi in many ways. His ability to condense, simplify and relay complex information makes him an absolute asset to any team. His ability to speak to the public is outstanding and his communication skills are even better. Mike is very knowledgeable in decentralized finance and all the innovative technology that comes with it. He knows VaultDeFi has a bright future and is very excited to be part of an incredible company, community, and suite of world-changing products.

3) What is Vault Defi? What is your vision?

VaultDeFi is a company that develops and manages connected and compounding digital assets that one day hopes to change the world. Just to scratch the surface, we will have an ecosystem of ten tokens that all reward in both their own surge wrapped asset and our mother token.

Our vision is to level the playing field across the world by bringing financial opportunities to everyone and anyone. Our vision is to allow everyone in the world to become their own bank.

4) Tell us more about your product range.

Our current products are SafeVault and ETHVault. SafeVault is the mother token in our ecosystem and has its own Tokenomics for rewards. ETHVault is another one of our products that rewards in both a Surge wrapped Ethereum and additionally rewards in SafeVault. We also have BTCVault which we hope to launch in a couple of weeks that will reward in a Surge wrapped Bitcoin as well as additional rewards in SafeVault. Each token we create down the line will all reward in their Surge wrapped asset and our original SafeVault.

5) What is your Vault Tokenomics like?

Our tokenomics are relatively the same across all products with minor to no differences. They all currently share a 2% buy and transfer fee along with a 30% sell fee. The entire fee is distributed amongst four categories; rewards, buyback and burn, auto-liquidity, and marketing.

6) Marketing to us is one of the key successes for a project. Can you share with us your marketing plans for this quarter?

Our marketing plans consist of reaching out and educating the world through many means by teaching how we benefit not only each market and their corresponding digital asset, but also each person and how to become their own bank. We will utilize educational videos, podcasts, marketers, influencers, and evolving technology to show the world what and who we are.

7) What other technology development should we look out for by your tech teams?

We are in a collaboration with Surge, Certik, and more to come as we further develop our company and ecosystem. The technology we all develop will help innovate and pioneer this DeFi space as a whole. We are further developing our dapp along with Xtokens, personal bridges, a dex ecosystem etc.

8) We have been getting feedback on how difficult it is to list a token with tax. What are your listing plans in the months to come?

Our solidity developer has developed a product called XTokens which pairs 1 to 1 to our current tokens. They do not collect rewards and have minor fees rendering them much more ideal to be listed on exchanges. Our listing plans for months to come are limitless.

9) Looking at your roadmap, you are walking down the path to institutionalise the company and accepting funds. Are you planning to become a regulated fund house?

Yes. We are hoping to become registered and capable of managing our shareholders’ assets and commodities via regulated global bodies. We have registered and structured our business in a DOA friendly state Wyoming in the United States of America.

10) Tell us something light-hearted, what is your charity mission?

Our charity mission is to one day when we are established, donate funds to small businesses and schools in The Gambia along with any country around the world that accepts cryptocurrency.

We hope to become a tangible resource for many in the developing nations.

11) An inspiring quote to end off this segment has been a tradition. Can we have the honour to hear from you please?

“Decentralized finance has the ability to change the world in many great ways, it is up to all of us to pioneer and pave the way.”


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