Exclusive Interview with John & Trina Batista, Founders of John’s Tron Squad (JTS) “Doing the right thing for crypto.”


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Blockcast.cc: Good morning everyone, this is Jenny Zheng again, the co founder of Blockcast.cc. Today we have John and Trina Batista, Founders of JTS. Hi John, you have quite a lot of influence on Twitter and I can see that you are working very hard daily online. Can you share with us more about your community.

JTS: Hi Jenny, it is good to speak to you. Let me give you some information about ourselves.

John has a mechanical background and I work in finance for an electrical utility. We have two elementary age children that keep us on our toes with all their activities. The little free time we have is spent travelling from field to pool to arena for sporting events. We also spend extra time volunteering, from managing their sports , coordinating team fundraising events and helping with the school parent committee. Our kids have been keen on learning too and it’s not uncommon to get parents or school staff contacting us asking about “What is this cryptocurrency your kids are talking about?” They’ll be experts before we are, lol.

Blockcast.cc: Can you tell us how you started with cryptocurrency?

JTS: We became interested in cryptocurrency a few years back. Yes, we joined, like many, when the market was booming and there was all the hype surrounding investing in cryptocurrency. As new crypto investors we had to learn how to exchange fiat into crypto, trade and transfer to wallets. The first few months were a huge struggle. We had to learn on the fly and hope we didn’t hit a wrong key and LOSE ALL OUR MONEY. Eventually, the shaking and sweating with each purchase/trade subsided but we were still eager to learn about different coins/blockchains. After many, many more hours of googling/reading we came across Tron and Justin Sun and I guess you can say we never looked back.

Blockcast.cc: This leads to the next question, how did you start JTS?

JTS: Our eagerness to learn more and meet others brought us to a new app (at the time) called Guildchat. Finally, a place to talk with like minded crypto investors. We met so many great people and decided from there that we should start a group. That’s how John’s Tron Squad was formed. Quite by accident and definitely not planned. From there the community grew. A telegram group was added and after a last minute decision to attend the NitronSummit 2019 in San Francisco we added Twitter so that we could do some live streaming from the event.

The Nitron Summit was a great experience. We met so many great people within the Tron ecosystem from Super Representatives to project entrepreneurs. Many of these people we are still in contact with on a regular basis. The Tron community is extremely active and we do our best to help each other flourish.

Our group is comprised of investors from all corners of the globe and we have an incredibly talented group of volunteer administrators. These administrators have different backgrounds, speak many different languages and together we keep the community running 24/7. Without this wonderful group we wouldn’t be where we are today. It’s incredible how we’ve brought together such a diverse global community and how we can learn so much from each other (and not always about crypto) There are no borders here. We strive to have a worldwide, family friendly, fun and inclusive group.

Many, many hours go into making this community work but it’s worth the hard work and effort if we can help bring education and awareness to the masses.

Blockcast.cc: Amazing! We have seen many of such groups and communities but JTS works much better and united. Why it works?

JTS: We, as with many of our members, are just your average everyday investor. We’re not experts and don’t pretend to be, we don’t sell coins, and we do our best to bring the most relevant, accurate Tron and blockchain information to the group. We have simple guidelines to be a member. Be respectful, honest and have fun. We’ve all been scammed at one point or another and our goal is to keep those scammers out and have a safe place to learn, no matter if you’re new or an experienced trader. Our community guides what we do.

Blockcast.cc: Let’s look into the future. What is installed for you? What plans do you have?

JTS: We hope to make new relationships with the Tron Foundation, project leaders and industry experts. Also the addition of some livestreaming on Dlive is in the works for JTS. We will continue to build our knowledge, learn from our community and bring awareness to blockchain technology. We can’t predict what the future holds but we’re hoping for a prosperous future for Tron, our fellow investors and the crypto community in general. The more information sharing, education and community involvement will only bring good things to the adoption of this great technology.

Blockcast.cc: Do you see any issues with cryptocurrencies?

JTS: Don’t get us wrong, blockchain technology has many, many advantages in all industries. What’s holding back mass adoption is the ease of use, education availability and trust. When we entered the crypto market it was incredibly hard to learn how to buy, sell, trade and use. Who to trust was another eye opener. While Tron made it easy and inexpensive to create coins it also led to unsavory characters flooding the TRON ecosystem. “Buy this, it will be the next best thing! Buy this coin so you can enter this special room” are just some examples of what we encountered. Things have improved immensely but many new investors are still getting caught up in the hype and scams. Trust takes a long time to build and we’re still a long way away from this with cryptocurrency. I’m hoping we can help some of these new investors navigate the cryptocurrency journey.

Blockcast.cc: You have looked at many projects in the past few years. Some of them maybe scams, some are promising and exciting. Do you have any projects that you want to mention?

JTS: Our friends at Tron Europe have some exciting projects they’re working on. Not only are they one of the most active Tron Super Representatives they are also fostering some exciting projects. Two games on the horizon are Game of Trons and Aftermath Islands. Also in development are a decentralized C2C marketplace Dapp called DVMarketplace and a running and fitness Dapp called Be Faster. Their newest project is their Tron Europe eSports division.

Their Tron Europe Origins platform helps developers gain the funding they require to build, launch and promote their Dapps. Tron Europe controls the funds raised adding an extra level of security.

There are also so many other great projects being built on the Tron blockchain from casinos, wallets, games, social media Dapps and DEX exchanges. There’s always something exciting in the works with the Tron Foundation.

Just always do your own research and “lots of it” from reading the Whitepaper, reviewing the roadmap, joining their social media and nevert be afraid to ask questions. Investing is always a risk but through research hopefully you can weed out projects that have no future. And always remember to never, ever, invest more than you can afford to lose. Cryptocurrency is extremely volatile!

Blockcast.cc: Do you think? Bull or bear in the next few months?

JTS: This is never a question we feel we can answer with certainty. As with a lot of investors we got in when the market was hot so we’re down pretty heavily on our initial investment. With further advances, more acceptance and further education of the masses I’m sure the market will become more stable and flourish. When? Who knows but being an early adopter our hopes are for an up trend in the market. We’re in it for the long haul.

Blockcast.cc: Do you have any final words for our readers or maybe share an inspiring quote?

JTS: I want to say this. In the world of crypto, we are surrounded by different people and projects, some are good, some are bad. We just want to do the right thing for crypto by sharing the right information to educate all our JTS family members and whoever that are like-minded.”

Thanks Jenny for your time with us. Thank Anndy Lian who introduced you to us. We liked what you are doing for the community.

Blockcast.cc: Thank you John and Trina. Let’s do the right thing for the industry.

Thanks all who are reading this article. Follow #JTS on https://twitter.com/tron_squad

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