In Conversation with Jeremiah Blancaflor, CEO of HyperBoost “Double buyback and burn system with static reflection to its holders providing passive income”


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1) Good evening. Can you, first of all, tell us about yourself? Then run us through the core members of your team, please.

My Name is Jeremiah Blancaflor I am the CEO of HyperBoost, I’ve been working around the inside and outside the cryptospace for 5years now, with a dual purpose of being a blockchain advisor to some senators and being a political officer in the field of project management and development including its budgeting. I started crypto by buying bitcoin way back then and have gone into new blockchains recently like Solana and Binance, investing in and out of projects. I’ve done multiple projects outside the cryptospace amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars. It came to me one day that majority of projects has no use case and intended me to run a project along with the consolidated connections that I built outside to produce one big project that is connected to the current trending needs of crypto. I’ve been working for the past couple of years with some people I have managed to formulate as a team with me as I employ them consisting of a cyber security developer, japan blockchain strategist, china blockchain advisor, community manager and a marketing officer.

2) What is HyperBoost? What is your USP?

HyperBoost is a Hyper Deflationary Token built with a double buyback and burn system with static reflection to its holders providing passive income as your token grows along with its use case utility as its unique selling proposition by being a defi service platform to provide a staking vault in which you can stake HyperBoost tokens and earn more or by staking to gain any Binance Smart Chain-based token in which a vault is being built on.

What makes HyperBoost unique is that not only it is focused on its tokenomics or staking, HyperBoost also aims to develop a game backed by the Republic of Gamers including also with its initial game offering launchpad that HyperBoost tends to partner the project with other developers that are planning to release more NFT Games. Aside from it is our integrated payments and diamond holders club that adds more utility to the token itself outside the cryptospace increasing its societal awareness this maybe food, merch, hotel stays and flights in part of our future partnerships. Initial talks with INDA Coin to accept credit card and debit card payments to let active credit card users buy HyperBoost tokens in just a swipe. Next would be a NFT marketplace in which artist gamers and developers will also have a chance to sell their creativity on our platform

3) Can you tell us more about your tokenomics? What is HYPERBurn Protocol about?

Our tokenomics is simple and is built for profit and holders, with a total tax of 10% buys and sells each and every tax is collected to benefit its holders and the project containing a marketing/development wallet for future plans and pool reserves for game development, project maintenance for sustainable 24/7 support to the community adding to that is the HyperBurn protocol and static reflection to holders.

The HYPERBurn Protocol is our best feature in which every buy or sell the project buys and buys more along with its external buyback to buy floor prices too. Every buyback the project burns those tokens making the supply scares in overtime providing more value to each token for its holders staking their investment. Along with that it also reserves an amount being added to the liquidity pool again in every buy or sell to fund the liquidity to a long-lasting project.

4) Talk us through, what marketing activities have you planned for this month?

We have managed to have done initial talks with our planned partnerships and our current affiliates for this month we intend to release the staking vault to HyperBoost holders and future listings to Blockfolio LBANK, Bitmart following the proper procedure until the project is capable enough to compete in centralized exchange listings. Aside from that the project aimed to go to TOKEN 2049 to participate in the Asia Crypto Week that is to be held in Hong Kong with attendees from different platforms and developments.

5) What is your technology roadmap like?

Our roadmap is currently at phase 1 but has an ongoing development on the background for the staking vault to be released on that phase together with proper listings in exchanges building more features aboard the project

6) Where are your core streams of revenue? Do you have more than one revenue stream? Share them, please.

Our core streams of revenue are from the projects game development and its outside projects to create a sustainable project within a 6month milestone it is likely to grow as we increase the project societal awareness by releasing and promoting an NFT Game in which users can come and play the game and earn profits by doing said tasks.

7) Can you give us a glimpse of the forms of partnerships have you planned for?

Some partnerships are built before launching for example support from Republic of Gamers and Acer along with this our utility perks like Philippine airlines for flights international or domestic and Manila hotels for accommodation. Therefore, making us more credible to deliver our futures

8) Are you already speaking to crypto exchanges? Where are you thinking of listing?

Yes, we are currently directly talking to initial listings like CoinGecko CoinMarketCap, aside from those we are breaking barriers with Coinsbit, LBANK, Bitmart Exchanges. More to come when we arrive in Hong Kong for Token 2049

9) What are your market expansion plans in Asia?

Market expansions have started this is why the project has launched from the United States and Major Marketing to Asia that has initial tie-ups in the Philippines with hotels, flights and merchandise including an Esports Team aside from this the project is prepared its manual translated whitepaper to Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese and Indonesian where our community is being built even before launch.

10) Kindly share an inspiring quote with our community. Inspire us!

HyperBoost is all about use case utility it’s time to stop with the project having pumps and dumps with no use cases and just rewards you. Here at HyperBoost, we are building or developing futures and not promises that come by a day or a week. As CEO and lead visionary to the project I always aim for the development that revolves back to its investors providing transparency and security for all your hard earn money.

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