Madagascar $TIME Meets for the Third Time “New Updates and More Developments”


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1) Madagascar $TIME is a new cryptocurrency, on the Binance Smart Chain, will you implement something in the future that will help migrate off of the Binance smart chain?

We are working on cross-chain bridges for Eth and then Matic this will allow our investors options and open our project up to more investors.

2) Not having a CEO officially appointed do you find it harder or easier to work as a team when it comes to making decisions?

Our community is essentially the Ceo but as far as working together as a team there is no issue there. We have a voting system and every decision is voted on. This keeps it in a way where all the team have a say including the community which is represented by the community manager

3) Is your platform suitable for Crypto beginners? Or does it only appeal to professional users?

Our platform is very user friendly you can come to our community and there are interactive videos on how to buy/sell. We have many tools and a massive community to assist in any way a person needs. We have had many first-time crypto users come to our platform due to the efforts in our marketing to bring awareness to people outside the crypto realm.

4) What will your project do to attract investors when crypto is more in a bear market, what will you do to differentiate yourself from others?

We have interactive games and a casino in the works also we’re looking at NFTs and being a legal company. We have opportunities to expand which is what we are looking to do in the forms of registration for legal charity, Partnerships, Ect

5) As the NFT space grows did you ever put any thought behind some charity NFT’s or any kind of platform for NFT?

Our marketing dev is definitely looking at NFTs and how they may possibly benefit our holders. We do definitely see the interest in them.

6) How has the implementation of making a mobile phone game been going? Are you planning a pay to play token idea with it?

The games being developed will be also implemented on the mobile app such as play store or apple store. We are definitely looking for a way to incorporate our tokenomics system in order to grow our charity. It is possible we will decide to add these features for additional or special features in a game. Our casino will definitely have a pay to play feature and is heavily focused on our charity.

7) Do you think by showing action the way you are doing, might it motivate governments to look at cryptocurrency differently? Why?

I think when something is working in the favour of the public it shines a more positive light in the eyes of governments. When regulators hear of constant rug pulls and scams they will typically take a tougher stance. We feel that our company and that is what we are a company is doing things in line with the law as we are a legally registered company and we hope that it would start a trend and more projects will go this route.

8) If you could make a change to the whole cryptocurrency space, what would you implement and why?

Would definitely have tighter requirements for launching projects such as deploying honey pots and other scams these should be checked and rejected from being deployed also all projects should have to go through an audit in order to officially launch although this is decentralized and should stay that way I would love to implement good practices to protect our investors

9) Do you think instead of donating to charities, will you get to a point where you will form your own charity to give back to countries instead, or companies or people who need it most?

This is definitely something we want to do for the $Time foundation. Looking into the future the more we grow the bigger opportunities we have to expand.

10) Have you ever thought of putting grants in place to help others get the proper schooling to fight again climate change and help in needs when it comes to disasters?

Grants I also think are a wonderful tool and using one is a wonderful way of bringing awareness to the issues we face in the world today. It’s very possible we could start offering these as our project grows the more people are aware the more people act we definitely want people to act.