Malik Sukkarieh, CEO and Founder for LockNess Shares Insights with “World’s First P2P Escrow Payment System”


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1) Can you give an introduction about yourself and your team?

My name is Malik Sukkarieh, I am the Founder of Lockness, I have been involved with the IT field for quite a while and have specialised in database development before moving onto team management and development within the blockchain field. We are a hard-working group of members that work together to deliver an exceptional end result, which you will see within the upcoming weeks. With our extensive research and over 40 years of collective core team member experience, rest assured our team can handle the most difficult situations whilst delivering innovative and exceptional end-user content.

2) What is LockNess and what is your mission?

Inspired by the powerful mythical creature. Lockness aims at providing a safe and secure spending environment for users within the crypto space. For the first time; users can buy and sell goods and services on any platform at any time, under the protection of a P2P escrow system. The PayPal of crypto!

Our goal is set towards perfecting the infrastructure of crypto for the better. Our innovative skills provide milestones for the crypto space to evolve and finally improve the issues the community faces day today!

3) Tell us how does LockNess work?

A Lockness transaction starts its life in the hands of the buyer. A simple crypto transaction is created which will immediately generate a smart contract; tailor-made to the nature of the transaction. As the funds are withheld and secured within the Lockness holdings; the buyer at this time has the opportunity to view his service or item received; before approving it and allowing funds to finally pass through to the seller.
Want to know what happens if the item isn’t received as promised? Good question!

During the Withholding period, there may arise the circumstance where the buyer has received a faulty product, or in fact nothing at all. This is where we come in! Lockness will be notified of the disputed case and recognise the party at fault, before providing a full refund to the rightful recipient. In turn, protecting both the Payer and Payee during any given crypto transaction. Simple, Fast and Safe!

4) In your own view, what are the advantages and disadvantages of cryptocurrency-based transactions? What solutions can you provide?

Generally, payments made through crypto undergo the heavy risk of losing it all. Transactions based through the crypto network are subject to anonymity and decentralisation, which for the most part is good. The ultimate downside is a potential scammer on the other end.

Through our newly developed payment gateway, Transactions made through the crypto network are protected through the use of an escrow payment method. Lockness; may be considered as the ‘middle man’ between transactions to ensure both the buyer and seller are protected, and the agreement initiated is upheld, every step of the way.

5) Can you tell us more about your tokenomics structure and distribution?

Let’s run through the cycle of our token. As a transaction leads towards its ending stages; the seller will incur a small fee as a total percentage of the transaction made. This fee is promptly broken down into multiple parts, incorporating an automatic burn and liquidity function. The percentage of the tokens that are sent to burn will increase the scarcity of the token hence an increase in token price, and the portion of $LKN tokens that are sent to liquidity will create stability within the token itself. Our tokenomics structure is designed and designated in a manner to provide the most efficient processes within our project functions. We will be allocating roughly 24% of our tokens towards the IDO Pre-sale, 40% of these IDO funds will be locked in liquidity for 1 year. The purpose of the remainder of IDO funds will be allocated accordingly with our development processes. All tokenomics details are disclosed in our white paper and website.

6) Share with us your technology development roadmap.

Development is moving at an extremely rapid pace. From payment gateways to secure wallet applications. Were disrupting the crypto market through creating the latest and greatest solutions to the issues we face day to day within the crypto ecosystem. Our Payment gateway BETA SDK is set to release alongside our native token, Both elements work together to support each other. Our very own Lockness wallet as well as NFC POS integration will be available for businesses and well as P2P users to utilise in the coming months.

7) What are the marketing activities have you planned for the month of September?

This September we have a special celebrity advocating our product in an infomercial that will be produced later in the month, In the meantime, we will commence with organising Launchpad options and building connections for the final reveal. Our very own Lockness application will be launched on Android and IOS devices as well as our online platform, These will all be released 2 weeks BEFORE IDO. We’re doing this to provide users with insight into what we do and where we’ve come in the development process, as well as trusting Lockness as a legitimate project that aims at improving the crypto ecosystem as a whole.

8) What kind of listing strategies do you have in mind?

Upon launch, we will provide the users with the option to stake and farm our LKN token in order to gain rewards for staking. This will also benefit the project by increasing the amount of crypto stored within our liquidity pool. In terms of DEX listing, we will list directly with pancake swap as well as applying for a certified syrup pool.

9) Please tell us more about your presale.

Our Presale Launchpad is yet to be released, we will be launching with a top tier launchpad in order to ensure the IDO fund hard cap is met. As previously stated we are quite transparent with where the funds will be allocated from the funds that are collected during Presale funding rounds. Feel free to view our white paper and pitch deck to gain a holistic idea of what we are achieving here at Lockness

10) Can you share an inspiring quote based on your experience.

“Our platform will present an innovative gateway for crypto payments all around the world. Through harnessing the power of smart contracts, Lockness will be capable of creating custom escrow payment solutions through developing secure smart contracts for every transaction made. As a result of all this, we intend to significantly reduce the rate of scams and fraud spreading through the crypto space; as well as mitigating a connection between businesses of the real world with consumers within the blockchain ecosystem. As a result; maintaining the growth and safety of the community as a whole.”- Malik Sukkarieh, CEO and Founder

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