Ryan, Founder of 867 Crypto Shares Upcoming Developments with Asia Blockchain Community


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1) Welcome 867 Crypto to Asia Blockchain Community. Before we start the questions, can you tell us more about yourself and your core teammates? Love to know your background.

Thank you for having us and allowing us the opportunity to speak with everyone today. Let’s introduce the Core Team.

Ryan, aka 867, is the founder and CEO of 867 Crypto. Imvi is the Head of Game/Platform Development. CrewChief is our Lead Marketing and Branding Consultant. Hawkins is our Casino Manager and Motivational Guru and finally, Diamond Bags is our Business Development Consultant.

All of our Core Team members have extensive experience in marketing, branding and building successful businesses. This experience has quickly translated to the BSC space. The goals and ambitions of the team for this business are not what people are accustomed to in this market. We are true professionals that believe in transparency, delivering marketable occurrences and building holder value over the long term.

2) What is 867 Crypto all about? Why do you name it 867? What are your purpose and vision?

867 Crypto is all about our community or family as we like to call them. It’s important to us that we have a place that our holders and investors can come to relax, enjoy themselves, have real conversations or just have fun. That’s why we have Club 867 in our telegram room. Here we have a 24/7 voice chat and DJ playing music non-stop. Please come and enjoy the vibe. The Core Team is in Club 867 every day on video chat interacting with the community.

Our token got its name from our CEO and Founder, Ryan, who goes by the name 867. If you search the angel meaning of 867 you can narrow it down to a one-word description, DETERMINATION. That is why he was given this name years ago because of his never-ending determination to succeed. The Core team was put together with this mantra in mind and their determination will only lead to success for this business.

3) What is your tokenomics like?

The tokenomics for 867 Crypto are both fair and simple. It’s an 11% tax on all buys and sells. 4% of that goes to our marketing wallet. 3% goes to our game development wallet. 3% goes to a “jackpot” wallet to fund the BNB and other various prizes that will be paid out. And the last 1% goes to our, already very healthy, liquidity pool.

4) For the rest of the year, what kind of marketing activities will you have?

We actually have a billboard ad running today in New York City for 12 hours, near Times Square. It will be shared on all of our social media’s when it goes live. AMA’s like this one are a great way to market directly to potential investors and we will continue to do these as they become available. Other than that, as we continue to develop our gaming platform our marketing of the 867 Crypto brand will only increase. The Google Play Store and IOS App Store implementation will open us up to potential extraordinary growth. Along with these goals, we will continue our 867 Crypto branding campaign on an international scale that will have reach far beyond just the normal BSC marketing. Our test marketing to this point has given us great insight into the direction we need to focus.

5) What are your income and revenue models like? Only jackpot?

Besides the buying and selling taxes that are collected to help fund the project, 867 Crypto will be utilizing its own gaming platform as a source of income in the very near future. Our platform was designed to enable us to capture marketing revenue by selling ad space on the games as well as in the gaming lobby. Projects looking to advertise on our platform could have a custom-built Slot Machine, giving away jackpots in their native token as a promotion. The Team will be directing the funds generated from the selling of these promotions in a manner that will be very beneficial to its holders, perhaps in the form of a buyback and burn? The details on this will be released as the build-out becomes more complete.

6) Are there any technology development upcoming that you can share?

We have several upcoming developments that are very exciting for the project. Wallet integration is due to release in the coming days, which will aid in not only the entry into High Roller tournaments for our holders but also for automated airdrops to our winners. The adaptation of our 867 Slot Machine to the Google Play store and IOS App Store is also very exciting and hopefully will be completed around the end of September or the first week of October. Next is the build of our 867 Blackjack game and with blackjack being the most popular casino game, this should a huge attraction for our platform. And last but certainly not least is the development of the 867 gaming lobby. Players will be able to browse games and jackpot amounts to decide how they want to spend their time in the casino.

7) Since you call yourself a Casino Club, are you providing a membership scheme? Tell us more if you can.

Great question. A few weeks ago we announced a “membership” for holders of our token. We call them “High Rollers”. The High Roller levels are for holders of 500 Billion or more 867 Tokens and holders of 1 Trillion 867 Tokens or more. Currently, these holders qualify for multipliers on jackpots that are being paid. 500B or more qualifies for 2x the jackpot and 1T or more qualified for 3x the jackpot. As we continue to build out the platform, the High Rollers will have access to exclusive tournaments and much LARGER JACKPOTS!

8) BNB has dropped quite a lot. Many of my friends said they have lost a lot in value since. What do you think of this situation? Is it positive or negative for your business?

BNB has actually made a great recovery from the lows a few weeks ago and we obviously have no direct control over the BNB market. But there is one thing our team understands much better than many others because of our experience in the stock markets. It’s about INVESTING. We are not here for a quick pump. This business is being built for the long haul with a firm belief in the BSC space and that the value of BNB will only go up long term. This is a ground floor opportunity to own the 867 Token and being directly paired with BNB can only help us going forward.

9) Would we be expecting a metaverse version of your casino soon? Metaverse is in high demand now.

We do not currently have any plans for a MetaVerse version of our Casino. But as we continue to progress in the development of the platform, anything is possible.

10) Can you share an inspiring quote for our community members?

“The only thing stopping you from achieving your dreams are the stories you keep telling yourself that you can’t. Don’t wait- act now. Regret nothing.” Denzel Washington


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