Chiliz to secure third partner club in Spain’s La Liga… Levante UD


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[Blockchain Today Reporter Jihye Han] Chiliz, a blockchain fintech company for sports fandom, announced on the 4th that it has signed a partnership with Levante UD, a professional football club in La Liga, Spain. Chiliz has secured a third partner in La Liga.

Chiliz is creating a’participatory fandom’ in which fans can participate in the decisions of the clubs they support. Chiliz, which has signed a partnership with the club, issues a’fan token’ for the club. Fans can vote for the club’s decision-making as long as they have purchased fan tokens. Fan voting, where fans can participate with fan tokens, takes place on the app, an app operated by Chiliz.

For example, FC Barcelona, ​​another La Liga partner of Chiliz, decided through a fan vote on the song to be played during the half-time of FC Barcelona’s home stadium, Camp Nou, in the 20/21 season of last year. As BTS’ dynamite, which garnered a lot of attention by taking the Billboard first place in the final nomination song, received the attention of domestic and foreign ARMY (BTS fan club). This year, FC Barcelona has decided by fan vote the phrase that will be inscribed on the armband of captain Lionel Messi.

Levante UD, who joined Chiliz’s partner club this time, is a long-established club with a history of over 110 years since its founding in 1909. It is located in Valencia, the third largest city in Spain, after the capitals Real Madrid and Barcelona. Levante UD, which consistently performs at the ranks of the middle in La Liga, is a club that is loved by local fans.

Chiliz is planning to cooperate with the Levante club to provide various benefits to fans by issuing the Levante UD’s fan token, $LEV, to provide fans with VIP benefits as well as the right to participate in fan voting.

Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO of Chiliz, said, “We are pleased to be with Levante UD, which is loved by many people from all over the world beyond La Liga. I will try to do it.” Javier Vich, head of business development at Levante UD, said, “Levante UD is honored to be Chiliz’s partner club,” said Javier Vich. “We will work with Chiliz to innovate in the sports field.”

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