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MASSIVE CRYPTO NEWS!! Fidelity Bitcoin FUND! Ethereum DeFi! Safe Haven SHA, Chiliz CHZ, FalconSwap

Fidelity President to Start a Fund Dedicated to Bitcoin | DeFi surpasses $7B in locked funds, but just six projects hold 90%...

HUGE UPCOMING CRYPTO EVENTS! xDai Stake, Chiliz, Effect.ai, Swicheo, Dusk Network, Qtum

xDai Launches Easy Mobile Staking | My top pic at on 2nd August $3:50 | Vitalik mentions xDai as another chain parallel...

Bitcoin Over $10K! $1 BILLION on MakerDAO! Crypto.com, Elrond, ShareRing, Chiliz, Elastos, Ethereum

Elastos ELA 80% token Burn | Crypto.com CRO Chain Updates | Sharering SHR APP teaser | MakerDAO Becomes the First DEFI platform...